Caravans are the most common way of travelling by land in the the known world of Karenth. While there are other ways, like sailing ships by sea, or magical transport if you have access to gates or the appropriate spells, caravans are the most common way of going the distance.   Traders will charge a minor sum to travel with them in exchange for food and travel. However, a discount is provided if you are willing to help defend the caravan, or take on jobs such as maintaining the animals, cooking, cleaning, setting up camp. If you don't help with those tasks, the price is often double or triple.   Caravans are made up of animal drawn wagons and carts in groups of 3 or more vehicles. The working animals are usually horses or oxen, but can be other creatures also.   The arrival of a caravan in town is always exciting and trade is sure to commence. Caravan owners keep track of needs, wants, and what is selling where.

Cover image: by Elena Ivashchenko


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