The Sun's Voice


Some say the Sun has a voice. That it is light and warm and happiness itself. When it rose in the sky, traveling around the world of Kairas, and first shone its light on the world, the first people also heard its soothing, tranquil melody. As it journeyed up into the sky, the song would reach a crescendo of astounding beauty before fading away.   Back then, time was not what it is now. It was sporadic, fragile, and cruel. But the Sun's voice was something that all creatures looked forward to. Some days it took too long, and the world would be restless in the night. Some days, it was back so quickly that people got nothing accomplished, not even basic necessities. All just stopped to hear its song. Endurance and Justice learned to time things just right to give the day the most meaning they could.   The Sun's voice has never faltered or faded. Although the people and creatures of Kairas no longer hear it is because they have stopped listening for it. Other things preoccupy their minds, set their schedules and set their day. But those who stop to listen, those who genuinely understand what time means for them, still hear it, softly singing it's arrival to the world.

In Literature

There a few noted words about the voice of the sun in poems and stories.

In Art

Within the citadel of the Bright Justice in Vabri there is a mural in the entrance way wall the sun rising with sheet music surrounding it. No one has ever been able to read this sheet music.
Date of First Recording
419 T.S.
Date of Setting
1 T.S.
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