The Great Library

The Great Library is in the the city of Olita.


Librarians, always angels, live within their libraries. The Great Library's librarians are three and stay within the library. They can often be seen in the city of Olita and are well respected.


A lush garden of grass is flanked by numerous bushes. A gazebo stands in the back left of the garden, complete with a great seating area. The rows of flowers are growing without boundaries, there's not even a single weed in sight; they're a unique, miniature world. The bushes reach 1m/3ft high, but will continue to grow in all directions if not stopped. A couple of benches are carefully placed in specific locations of the garden, beckoning visitors to visit the garden's best sights. Plants, grass, and roots seem to refuse to try and claim more land than they've been allocated, perhaps thanks to some intervention by green thumbs. The gazebo can be admired even from every side of the garden. The rows of flowers are nothing to sneeze at, and the bushes often look fantastic, but the attention is always drawn to the gazebo.   The glass of the gazebo reflect the beautiful garden around it. Once inside, vines cling to the walls and the bookshelves. It is an airy, magnificent space. Bookshelves line the walls and fill up the area with rows upon rows. Angels float around and bring books to patrons and watch over the library.

Founding Date
815 SA
Alternative Names
The Library in Olita
Parent Location
Hearth previously Olita
Owning Organization
The Stacks
Related Report (Secondary Locations)


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