Session 12 |The Gang Talks About Deals | 2nd Preservation 972 TS

General Summary

  • Florencia - barkeep
  • Malik ordered breakfast
  • Go to Matti's house
    • it is fancy with a door person and a sign in book
    • they are lead back to a greenhouse
      • Bilberry - nightvision,
      • Deadly-Nightshade - sleep,
      • Fireflower - fire seeds,
      • Bastit - repels insects,
      • Saffron - raises attributes by 1,
      • Silverthorn - antidote
    • He wants them to look into her daughter (Erin) and a devil woman (Eliza)
      • He thinks she's going to give her soul
      • she hangs out at pool of light (west way)
      • she is trying to get a store open - the traveling way
      • met at a party
  • Seeing shop, "The Devil's Book"
    • Small Arenai man - Ciuso
    • says that there is a Night Bringer tattoo artist (West Way district)
  • Goes to West Way
  • sees large Blacksmith shop
  • Tattoo parlour (Star's Mark)
    • Talk to artist and she gives some quotes to Malik
  • Pool of Light
    • steamy pool with light
    • See's Erin talking about going to Lady Berta's party
    • Valecia the friend is with Erin
    • Election
    • Malik and Rochelle get invited to election party
  • The Traveler goes into a potion shop
    • Talks to Jiquill
  • The Traveler goes to a bar
    • has unusual clock
    • over hears about
    • election
    • secret third party
    • Bright Justice was robbed
      • Yinarous had a hand in it along with Beorntoo
    • New shop "Traveling Way" in Mountain Gate
  • The gang goes back to Matti's estate to ask about Devil deals
    • Deals are kept in a soul book (may be black)
Report Date
22 Aug 2020


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