Everlasting Steppes

One of the oldest settlements in the world. What started off as a small farm has grown over almost a thousand years into a few cities (1 coastal) and a robust area of export for the world.


The terrain is a savannah with rolling hills on the southern and eastern outskirts. The Lalita River runs through it, separating the communities of Olita, Lozoya, and Castillo Ranch. Its west is a coastline of the Blurry Sea. It is quite picturesque and calming.


This was once a small amount of farmland that Lady Endurance presided over and which humans, and eventually arenai, tilled and worked on. They were able to create an abundance of vegetation, grains, and were gifted livestock by Endurance to do what they wished. Now the Steppes is quite large and broken up into farmland and happy communities. What is planted and harvested is often sent out to other cities to be crafted into items, of which the Steppes, and Lady Endurance, gets a percentage to spread among the People of the Steppes.


Having a port near a city as large as Olita, there has been more visitors to the Steppes in the last few years and more come on a monthly basis. It is a direct port of entry from the Borealis Isle and from the Brightcastle Woods without having to travel through mountains and over hills.

I've never feel as rested elsewhere as much as I do in the Steppes. The wine may have a bit to do with it. ~ Alfonso Moliner

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