What makes a deity powerful? Some say it is the number of followers they have or the way in which their followers worship them. Others say the deities care not about the quantity or quality of their followers but of the approval and judgment of their creator, Kaira. From either of those sources come a deities immense power. With those abilities, they can grant power unto others and do so much more.

Deity Rankings


Deities who are transcendent do not reside in the world of Kairas and as such cannot directly interact with their followers. Their communication is twisted in it's path to their followers from the Halls of Kairas so it can often be unclear. However, they do have an abundance of power in transcendence. Much more than they have avatarbound. It does take time to master these powers and the longer they are transcendent, the better a deity is at controlling their immense power. The power they can gift to their followers is as indirect as their communication and sometimes can feel limiting to both parties. There are some restrictions on how a Transcendent can meddle in other deities' affairs, domains, and followers. These restrictions are given by Kaira themselves and are binding in the makeup of each transcendent deity.    


Deities who are avatarbound can live on Kairas and directly interact with followers, granting them power and ruling over them if they wish. A deity who is avatarbound has no problems communicating, giving as much power as they wish, or carrying on in any manner that they choose on Kairas. Although their power level is lower while avatarbound, it is without restriction on the world.


  Demi-deities have the least amount of power of all the deities. They are essentially beginner deities and can only become this way through a gift of power from their chosen deity and have enough followers to be taken seriously by the other deities. Depending on their sponsor deity, enough followers could be in the thousands or it must be in the tens of thousands. They must reside on Kairas and can never enter the Halls of Kairas without permission from Kaira.  

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

They cannot reproduce.

Additional Information

Social Structure

There are eldest, elder, and youngest deities. Respect and authority goes from oldest created to youngest.

Civilization and Culture



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