Cloke Estate (previously Castillo Estate)

This is the home and court of Lady Endurance.


A handful of humans live here as well as Bota and Meliori, her Ambassadors.


The winery is situated towards the back of the estate. From here they make Castillo Estate Wines.


There are fields far and near, each one bigger than the other. All around are deer and horses gently grazing and running in the sunlit pastures, and crossing straight through the landscape ran a weed-ridden, gravel road.   The road ended at a tremendous ranch guarded by several excited dogs. The ranch was looking as splendid as the fields around it. A milking facility stood in the corner of the courtyard, several beehives stood just behind the main buildings, and a small guesthouse stood to the side of the main farmhouse like a miniature copy. The farm had a homely feel to it, it was one of those farms you'd gladly spend an entire summer at.


  • Map of Castillo Estate

50 people
Location under
Everlasting Steppes
Noble Endurance
Characters in Location


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