Berse previously Lanercoast

Inn: The Stately Gazelle Inn: The Smiling Huntress


Tavern: The Master Brewery Owner: Whurbin Graybeard, Male Dwarf [Details]   Location: In an adventurer's district. The street outside is filled with the smell of damp earth and has a fortune teller. Description: The tavern is a wooden two-storey building, with an orange shingled roof and a big brick chimney. It contains a large candelabra and a large stew pot over a fire. Quests and Rumors Specials: Phoenix Steamed Bun with Cake and a Tankard of Bitter (5 sp) Duck Soup with Sharp Cheese and a Glass of Whiskey (5 sp) Pheasant Pie with Oat Bread and a Glass of Wine (5 sp)   Other Patrons: Cagak Hampton, Male Half-Orc [Details] Verna High-hill, Female Halfling [Details] Hobart Brushgather, Male Halfling [Details] Vola Deighton, Female Half-Orc [Details] Blacksmith: The Iron Furnace Owner: Hupe Littlefoot, Male Halfling [Details]   Location: In an adventurer's district. The street outside is unusually full of carriages. Description: The blacksmith is a wooden and large single storey building, with a gray shingled roof and a row of flowers around the building. It is well-lit by a few magical torches. It contains a beautiful oak countertop and saws and tools hanging from the ceiling. The basement connects to the sewers and is used for smuggling. Specials: Weapon, +1 (dmg 213) (961 gp) Adamantine Armor (dmg 150) (475 gp) Sword of Vengeance (dmg 206) (1,463 gp)   Other Patrons: Drusilia Qualanthri, Female Elf [Details] Gennal Quinten, Male Half-Elf [Details] Grai Carlton, Female Half-Orc [Details] Alchemist: Mortar and Remedies Owner: Kabbarg Halsey, Female Half-Orc [Details]   Location: In the main street near the town gate. The street outside is shaded by colorful trees. Description: The alchemist is a wooden single storey building, with a white tile roof and a small enclosed deck. It contains religious paraphernalia on the walls and a number of distillers scattered about. Specials: Potion of Cloud Giant Strength (dmg 187) (954 gp) Potion of Mind Reading (dmg 188) (178 gp) Oil of Slipperiness (dmg 184) (462 gp)   Other Patrons: Charles Withrethin, Male Half-Elf [Details] Anthony Carlisle, Male Human [Details] Boddynock Shadowcloak, Male Gnome [Details] Riardon Mellerelel, Male Elf [Details] Alberich Goblinbane, Male Dwarf [Details] Jeweler: The Sapphire Sigil Owner: Faran TellPenny, Male Halfling [Details]   Location: In the artisan's district. The street outside is adjacent to a large home. Description: The jeweler is a stucco simple building, with a black shingled roof and roughly hewn wooden furniture. It contains some planter boxes on the walls and arrangements of roses in the corners. Specials: Crystal Arcane Focus (phb 151) (10 gp) Exquisite Ring (3 gp) Ring of Jumping (dmg 191) (2,463 gp)   Other Patrons: Eloise Harrington, Female Human [Details] Nora Stoutbridge, Female Halfling [Details] Purban Goodbarrel, Male Halfling [Details] Enchanter: The Seer's Wonders Owner: Verna Stoutman, Female Halfling [Details]   Location: In a well-lit avenue with guard towers. The street outside is a covered walkway with many twinkling lights. Description: The enchanter is a wooden rowhouse, with a gray shingled roof and a small vegetable garden. A small dragon's skull hangs over the hearth. It contains a large bookshelf filled with books and rows upon rows of bookshelves. Specials: Pipes of the Sewers (dmg 185) (1,919 gp) Heward's Handy Haversack (dmg 174) (1,903 gp) Pipes of the Sewers (dmg 185) (1,944 gp)   Other Patrons: Thea Hilltopple, Female Halfling [Details] Harriet Goodbarrel, Female Halfling [Details] General Store: The Crate and Haul Owner: Philomena Underbough, Female Halfling [Details]   Location: In a major crossroads. The street outside has a town crier with the latest news and gossip. Description: The general store is a marble cabin, with a yellow tile roof and softly blowing chimes by the door. It is well-lit by a few magical torches. It contains a large bookshelf filled with books and a stand full of colorful hats sits next to the entrance. Will kick out any Half-Elf customers, including current patrons. Specials: Cook's Utensils (phb 154) (49 gp) Pick, Miner's (phb 150) (2 gp) Abacus (phb 150) (2 gp)   Other Patrons: Trym Morley, Male Human [Details] Beatrice Chester, Female Human [Details] Housing Small Cottage Owner: Pearl Honeypot, Female Halfling [Details] Map   The house is a timber and brick two-storey building, with a brown tile roof and tile flooring. It contains a single bachelor-style room with a bed and chest, along with a dresser on the far wall. In one corner is a hearth with a cauldron over the fire. A small stockpile of boxes and barrels are messily crammed into a corner. A big working dog is eager to greet visitors.

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