Angel of Retrieval


An expert celestial that rumours say knows when an item from a Library is stolen or grossly late in being returned. They sneak into your home, take the book or item, and then...they make you pay the late fee. They. make. you. pay. ~ Laysa, Curators in The Stacks

Historical Basis

There are absolutely celestials that retrieve stolen books or overdue texts and studies from the Libraries. But breaking into your home? Violence? Making someone "disappear". Utterly ridiculous. The Stacks wouldn't stand for such a Librarian to act in this manner. ~ Meliori


This myth was discussed mainly in regions far from the Everlasting Steppes  such as The Laughing Mountains, Light Tipped Mountains, and Borealis Isle.

Variations & Mutation

Some use the Angel of Retrieval as an explanation of stolen or lost goods.

Cultural Reception

People in the Everlasting Steppes  don't believe such a being really exists that would go to the lengths the stories say while people in further regions indulge in them.
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