Jerna's Diary, entry 2.
Biiiiig discovery. There's a massive village on the island! I'm still a distance from them, but I've seen smoke in the distance for a while now and I can finally see the village with my own two eyes. Little L has been snapping pictures non-stop as we walk towards this village, and hopefully we'll be there by the end of the day.
Unless you're going to attempt to steal the greatly prized skyshifter egg sat right in the middle of town, you should definitely visit Khaltos. While the people are a little egotistical, they provide good company, good accomodations, and their food is incredible. The place makes me feel at home, and I even have a house built in my name. (I had to write a sparkling review for it, but in the end it was worth it).
974 years

Air Tribe

The people in this village are very territorial, and this is because of the unhatched skyshifter egg that sits upon an altar in the middle of Khaltos. Skyshifters are the legendary air dragons, and this unhatched egg holds a cultural significance because it is the only skyshifter egg known to the planet.
This tribe of people have existed for thousands of years, but only recently established themselves a few hundred years ago. They are known commonly as the Airites, and are famous for their stylish clothing and egotistical nature. After meeting a few Airites in my first trip to Khaltos, I was shocked at how accurate the descriptions were.
The Airite leader, Eyptos, is a strong, grumpy man who loves to yell. Not even yell, I just call it a roar because it rattles through walls like nobody's business. Once you get to know Eyptos he's a lovely man, but hiding his true personality is a metaphorical and physical layer of armour. He is almost never seen without this armour, the only time he takes it off is to sleep and he puts it on before he is served morning food in bed. Lazy ass.
Jerna's Diary, entry 3.
I've made it! I am finally at this village, named Khaltos. Oh my goodness is it beautiful. Their roofs are so vibrant, and they look like they're made of animal skin - what animal I have no idea. It could be the animals they have in massive pastures just around the edge of the village, they have those too. In the centre of the village is this weird egg, I really want to inquire about it. Oh and before I forget, as soon as I got here I spotted another village close by, just across the river. I'm going to visit it after, see if it is related to Khaltos. I can't wait!


The architecture in this village is one of the most incredible I have ever seen. The way they incorporate the environment surrounding them is incredible. The lower walls of all of their houses are made from hard rock, yet coated with the marsh-mud they live around for extra protection and insulation. The upper part of the walls are made from a vibrant wood growing natively in the area, and I would love to get my hands on some for my island. The crystal infused windows allow them to see outside perfectly, while providing privacy as no one can look inside.
The roofs, don't get me started on the roofs. They are lined with the bones of various animals they farm, and are hollow so water landing on the roof can be collected and stored, to be filtered and used. And the roofs themselves are a vibrant purple, and where the village is located they stand out massively compared to the surroundings.


This village is located in the south of Kazaharo Cliffs, just west of the delta. Within a swampy terrain, the ground is constantly wet, so each building is slightly raised on beds of impermeable rock. Because of this, floods occur more often. And then because of the floods, the base of all the houses are made from impermeable mud. Just north of the village is where the chinin pastures are found, covering the land from the village all the way to the river that begins the delta.

Neihlar's Divide

About 300 years ago, a group of Airites were kicked out of the town for trying to take the skyshifter egg and hatch it. This clearly went against everything the town believed in, so they were promptly banned from the village. This resulted in the group leaving to find a new place to live, and eventually forming Neihlar, a neighbouring village, with a current population of 394. I've visited both towns, and they're both lovely, but do not mention the other town while you visit. It really kills the vibe.


One of my favourite crops the Airites specialise in are sawfruits. These crops grow best in the swampy environments around the village, and grow in huge clusters. The actual fruits are most valued, but the byproduct of growing sawfruits are sold to other civilisations.
The Airites are famous for their agriculture, not just with crops but with animals too. One of my favourite places in the town to be is in the grazing pasture, where the Airites take care of massive herds of chinins used for travel and food.


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