Bell of Barron

The Bell of Barron is the most famous item ever made for the town of Neihlar. The bell was stolen a few years back, and later found in the safe underneath Watermill Manors, stolen by the inhabitants. The Bell of Barron is named after its creator, Etris Barron.


The Bell of Barron was constructed in the year 1694, just three years after Neihlar was founded. The bell was built with the purpose of signalling dusk and dawn every morning, with a magical daylight sensor integrated in it.
Despite the Bell of Barron being completely designed by Neihlar, Khaltos likes to claim that the original blueprints were stolen from them. This couldn't be further from the truth, but it's not my business so I won't get involved.


The Bell of Barron was originally planned to be 12 metres in diameter. It was then realised that this was way too big, so it was scaled down to just 3 metres in diameter. The bell is made from a metal alloy consisting of mostly copper, with some silver and zinc present.
It was then painted with three stripes, one red, orange and yellow, symbolising passion, good health and happiness.


When you think about it, it's hilarious how a 3 metre wide bell was stolen in the middle of the night with literally nobody hearing the ruckus. The bell was stolen on the night of the 21st Ilut, 1724, and apparently it was around midnight but that is completely unreliable because apparently nobody was awake.
The bell was then found in 1749 after Watermill Manors was ruined, and the safe below the manors was discovered. The bell was reported to authorities, and taken into an archive where it still remains.


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