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Summer Camp Pledge

I have never done this in the two years I have been on World Anvil, and I am both excited and nervous to do it! I'm going on vacation with my family the last week of July, so I will not be doing anything then, but hopefully, I can at least get several articles done.    


I would like to try for a copper badge, but I'll be content with about five articles. I usually write really slow, so even that will be an achievement. I will try and focus on areas of my world that will be important to the main story, which I haven't done that much for. I need to set up some political people, specific locations, and maybe a few events or philosophies depending on the prompts.   The themes for this year are expanse, leadership, discovery, and monstrous. For expanse prompts, I'll try to focus on areas of Narthica that I haven't gotten to yet, such as Crytland's ice plains, Tierhal's fields, or Whirlan's lakes and swamps. An alternate dimension would be fun, but I have a feeling I'd go too far. Leadership will be pretty easy. Narthica has several hundred years of rulers for me to explore. For discovery, I don't have many ideas. Possibly some Gifted theories or medicinal accomplishments. Monstrous can be used in many different ways depending on the prompts. Some rulers will certainly be awful and I can always create new terrors to torture my characters.  


I haven't really done much for my world overall and I've done even less on articles from Narthica, so that's my main motivation. I also haven't done this before and want to prove to myself that I can. I also just want to try it out and be included in the World Anvil community, even if it's just a little. Up until recently I've felt rather disconnected from everyone else here, mostly because of the time difference and partly due to my extremely cramped schedule. So getting involved with this seems like a good way to become a better part of the community.  

End Notes

This is kind of a short article, but I don't really know what else to add and my self-imposed rules are pretty simple. In short, I'll try to get a copper badge but will settle for at least five articles, I will be absent from July 24-31, and I want to be more present in the World Anvil community. I look forward to reading everyone's articles once they're done! Good luck everyone!   An additional note, please ignore any weird formatting on this article. I already had to copy and paste everything after typing it because it got messed up.

The areas I hope to work on

Geographic Location | Feb 26, 2022

The northern continent in the western hemisphere.

Northwood Forest
Geographic Location | Jun 30, 2021
(At least near it)   And also the countries of Whirlan, Tierhal, and Crytland and their politics and stuff.  
Gifted Powers
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Aug 21, 2021

The wide range of Gifted abilities that many humans possess.

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22 Jun, 2022 11:30

Good luck with your first Summer Camp! :D The most important thing is to have fun!

24 Jun, 2022 00:08

Thank you! I hope to!

Lilliana Casper   I don't comment much, but I love reading your articles! Come check out my world, Jerde.