Wizard's Blow

Written by Shiftrex

A frail Wizard is backed into a corner while their comrades have fled in terror from the advancing Cave Troll. No longer will their knowledge of Fireball or Scorching Ray serve them, the Wizard is within the creature's grasp and will be turned to nothing more than a greasy spot if the slightest hint of magic is shown. The yellow eyes look the cloaked figure over as a smile spreads over its wicked, distorted face because it can easily seize the Wizard if even a word is uttered as they call upon arcane power.   Instead, the caster hefts the staff in both of their hands and swings it hard like a war hammer which catches the troll off guard but it is unconcerned. On impact, there is a flash of light as the staff cracks in half and the troll finds itself dazed on the ground while the Wizard swiftly makes their way over the giantkin's crumpled form before sprinting towards the exit of the troll's cave.   The price was cheap compared to the life of the caster and was paid without hesitation.


This spell is meant to be used in close combat, as a last resort.   While most Wizards will try to avoid close combat even the best will find themselves toe to toe with an unsavory enemy in their careers. This spell delivers a terrific strike that deals force damage through a melee strike that uses the arcane focus of the Wizard as the point of impact. A surge of arcane power builds up within the body of the caster and allows them to lash out with hysterical strength that has a chance to leave the target stunned.  
In Game Mechanics
Make a Melee Spell Attack, an affected creature takes 8d10 damage. Add your strength modifier to each damage die rolled. On a successful hit, the target will automatically be knocked prone and the target must make a Constitution Saving Throw, on a fail they are stunned for one turn.

Side/Secondary Effects

The arcane focus that is used for this spell is consumed as part of the process when a target is struck. The staff, orb, wand, or other arcane focus will break in the process of using the spell.   It should be noted that the arcane focus will only break on a successful strike.


This spell emits a bright flash of light on impact, this is the force that causes the stunning effect and it appears when the arcane focus used for the spell is broken.


This was discovered and recorded as a part of the Starlit Academy's curriculum and intermediate spells for use by those that have completed their 3rd year of arcane instruction in the subject of Battle Ready Spells. It was first introduced 100 years ago when Alexander Cross took over as headmaster of the Academy and appears to have been created or rediscovered by the vampire Wizard who places emphasis on the training of both body and mind for those that would pursue arcane power. It is not a widely used spell but it has been noted as a tool of last resort with surprising effectiveness that was included in a book of spells titled 47 Spells for the Endangered Magician which has seen moderate circulation on the Northern Continent.
Related Organizations
Material Components
One Arcane Focus
Gestures & Ritual
The arcane focus must be gripped in both hands and then swung with full force, enough to break the object and it cannot be thrown. No verbal components or sounds are required to activate this spell which makes it unexpected in most situations.
Related School
Related Element
Effect Duration
6 Seconds (1 Turn)
Effect Casting Time
5th Level
Applied Restriction
A Wizard must have a strength modifier of at least +2 in order to manifest the power of this spell, it relies upon drawing arcane power through the casting focus and into the body of the caster. Those without a strong enough body will not be able to internalize the magic and use it for the terrific burst of strength.

Cover image: Spells Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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I love the narrative description of the spell at the beginning of the article, and I love the spell itself. I can think of multiple circumstances where this could turn the tide of battle! :)

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