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Trispen's Enchanting

Enchanting in Harkin

Amongst buildings of thatch and wood rests a small shop, unassuming on the outside with nothing more than a simple sign that reads Trispen's. Those that call the small village of Harkin home know what awaits them if they enter the well-worn shop. For the weary traveler, the outside may not catch their eye but the wares inside may ease their travels.   Inside the shop is wrapped in velvets and fabrics, draping from the ceiling over wooden shelves lined with scrolls and small knickknacks. A young Pachyderm waits behind the counter, polishing a worn spyglass in his large hands. This is the shop's propieter, the enchanter of this small village.   While his magic is not strong, his creations have aided and saved a number of lives in this area of the Great Plains. Not only an enchanter, Trispen also serves as the area's healer, specializing in simple healing and other spells. Most come for his spell scrolls, but his small enchanted knickknacks, nothing more than children's toys, also draw people in.


Harkin is a very young village, its growth somewhat organic inside the large walls that surround. In the village's earliest days, there was a lack of magic users, but the rise of the new lord Darius Nizz brought a greater interest in the arcane to the area.   Enchanter Trispen came to Harkin barely a year before the new lord, hoping to ply his craft amongst the townsfolk. Early on, the business struggled as few were not interested in buying goods from someone other than a Human. The rule of Darius Nizz changed that greatly and Trispen's Enchanting became a popular place for all things magical in Harkin.
Founding Date
294 EA
Shop, Magic
Parent Location


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24 Jun, 2022 05:41

Interesting lead in. Is it just the new lord that warmed people to Trispen, or had his wares or abilities made impressions on locals - curing a fever, healing a serious wound or some such? I am also wondering about the specific types of enchantments and scrolls available. So, perhaps a bit more about the stock? Material spell or enchanting components? I wanted to look at the character link, but alas, it is still. draft at this time.

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