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Written by RiverFang

The shape of a crescent moon has haunted us in the dark halls of the Underdark, following us from the lost Drow city to the temple lost under the waves of an unforgiving lake. It is his symbol, the Paladin that the witch spoke of, the one who’s great deeds line these wretched halls that have long since lost his protection. But finding the golden book and this weapon, one can feel the last breath of his power, a power far beyond that of any Paladin I have ever seen.
Reinys Ylyndar
  Tucked in a temple beneath a darkened lake resides the two remaining artifacts of Paladin of Dreadfall. One, a golden book, full of knowledge of the divine, would find a new home in the hands of a young Elf Paladin, one lost in the teachings of her Order and naive to the world around her. The second, a magical weapon, bathed in a aura of divine magic, even though faded, becoming the close companion of an Adamantine Dragonborn. The Book of Exalted Deeds was simple to explain, but the weapon would require its own tale. The weapon was known as Timebreaker, the signature weapon of the Paladin of Dreadfall.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Timebreaker is a magical weapon, although many have studied the weapon and yet few understand the true magical prowess that the weapon has. Enchanted with arcane magic and gifted to the Paladin Tartarus of Dreadfall by the Book of Exalted Deeds, the true magical nature of the item is nearly impossible to fully understand. It is said that only Tartarus himself understood the true potential of Timebreaker and that upon his death, the weapon has lost a great deal of its power.   The depictions of the Paladin of Dreadfall and this wondrous item show a blue Tiefling, shrouded in Drow robes, wielding this weapon in intricate movements during his battles with many terrific creatures, such as Despondence the Ancient, Fisc the All-Seeing, and other tremendous foes that were known for their rampages of the Underdark, stopping time in order to gain the upper hand against these creatures. With a name such as Timebreaker, it is assumed that the weapon once stopped time for a great number of moments, but the weapon no longer holds such great power.


The Drow recognize few outsiders amongst their ranks, never a Tiefling. But he became equal within their society. The city bore his name and his symbol. The Paladin of Dreadfall, the protector of the Underdark.
— Unknown
  The Paladin of Dreadfall was never without his signature weapon, one that easily lay against his back and shone against the blue of his skin. This weapon and the feats he accomplished with it allowed a Tiefling to be recognized as an equal within Drow Society, a feat that no one has accomplished before or since. With Timebreaker in hand, Tartarus ended four of the legendary threats of the Underdark, carving out a sense of safety when often very little could be found.
Item type
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6.75 lbs
Roughly 98.5 inches from tip of blade to end of tassel
Raw materials & Components
Timebreaker looks as if it is a Drow made weapon, but the item's origin stems from the Book of Exalted Deeds. It is assumed that this is one of the many gifts that the Paladin of Dreadfall received from the book.   A type of glaive known as the crescent moon saber, Timebreaker is a somewhat large, light-weight weapon that allows for quick, sophisicated maneuvers that can easily incapictate a foe if executed correctly. The blade is made from Adamantite, a material that normally requires the skill of a master Dwarf to be forged correctly in order to retain its properties. The strong blade features a spike that peels away from the main blade in order to catch opponents' weapons and disarm them.   This weapon is optimal for the fighting style of Drow that focuses on lithe and deliberate movements that flow easily like water or magic. Tartarus was well-versed in the style and the rest of the weapon aids how he fought.   The pole of Timebreaker is made from an Underdark wood that is relatively strong and ashen grey in color. The socket is blued, roughly matching the color of his skin, while a deep blue tassel hangs from the end of the pole, marking the end of the weapon against the dark shades of the Underdark caverns.


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