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Shikari Sanctuary

Temples of the Hunters

A small wooden building, a decorative tent, a patchwork house of stone and mud. One building serves as the center of Outlander villages, a building used for ceremony, for stores, for shelter. Entering the building, or some of its rooms, are not to be taken lightly or to be done by an outsider or traveler. Here the world, nature, and the gods speak to those who choose to make the hunt their life.
  In the center of every Outlander village, especially those in the Elven realm, stands one structure that is set apart from the other buildings of the settlement. While the building serves as a storeroom and a shelter in times of danger and hardship, its other task is to bring the young of the Outlander villages into the fold and show them the magic of the hunt.
  Those that live in Outlander villages and partake in the hunt do not use magic or sorcery to bring down their kills. Instead it is a mix of skill and time, as well as a few lovingly chosen words for the goddess of the hunt. A Shikari Sanctuary serves as a religious building for those in the village so that they may prey for safe travels and bountiful hunts. Its main function is to serve as the center of a coming of age celebration for young Outlander so that they can safely enter the world of protector and provider.
  While the Outlanders do not practice sacrifice as part of their beliefs, blood of animals is often found in the sanctuary. Young children often conduct their first hunt in the confines of the sanctuary, so they can be watched, nurtured, and assisted where necessary. Functioning much like a pack of wolves, Outlander tribes would rather constantly teach than to let one of their own be harmed.

Purpose / Function

The Shikari Sanctuary serves as a religious hub, a storeroom, and sanctuary from danger, as well as a classroom. Young children participate in their first hunt in these rooms and are taught much about the hunt.


Few alterations are made once a Shikari Sanctuary is built. More often, renovations are made to keep the building functioning as necessary and if alterations are made, it is usually to add more rooms as a village grows.


Architecture of the Shikari Sanctuary varies depending on where the Outlander village is located. The buildings are built from plentiful materials and can be decorated as the villagers see fit.


Little about the history of Shikari Sanctuaries is known beyond that they are found in Outlander villages. The building, decorating, and use of these buildings is buried deeply in tradition and is passed down through the generations.
Common interior of a Shikari Sanctuary
Temple / Religious complex
Klatta Village by Mike Schley
Standard arrangement of Wapiti Tents around the Shikari Sanctuary in Outlander Village

Cover image: Isekai Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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