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Written by RiverFang

Bustling stalls of Elves and pigs line the streets of Oyaluna, the deep woodsy smells of their wares permeating the air and drawing people from across the Northern Continent to the banks of the Gweyr and the edge of the Elven Forest. Boats captained by Humans, Aarakocra, and even Dwarves, pause at the docks, loading their holds with crates draped with rough-hewn sacks, keeping their contents safe and cool.
  Elsewhere, the snuffling shuffling of pigs can be heard as the creatures root through the ground, appraising the spoils of what others had brought in from the forest. A rough snuff from one of the creatures brings forth an Elf that tosses a rotten bit out from pile, the lump too far gone to be sold in the market or sent down the river to Lake Idryl. Here in Oyaluna, the "Trufflers" take their mushrooms seriously, only allowing the best to be sold under the banner of the city.
  Here on the edge of the Elven Forest on the banks of the Gweyr, the deliciously rich truffles of the forest are not so rare, more a bursting commodity than the rich rarities that many believe they are. The Outlanders of the area keep their prized pigs for the specific purpose of finding the most perfect specimens to be sold in the colorful market stalls of the city. In the market, the traditions of the Outlanders and their heritage meet the bustling city life of a city on par with the Human capital of Stronghold, a world power when it comes to trade goods.
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2053 I.M.
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4 Feb, 2021 01:33

I love the inclusion of pigs in this article. I can really vividly picture this market. :D

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