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Northern Lookout Tower

A wooden tower stands as a sentinel nestled amongst the branches of the trees in the northern reaches of the Elven Forest. The small space is lit by a small roaring fire, warming the small space that is only large enough for a desk and a bed. A lone paladin sits on the bed, watching out through the purple dusted windows at the setting sun. Another day has passed uneventful, another day that the Northern Outposts are safe from the harshness of the Neither Tundra that threatens to encroach on the forest.
  One more sunrise and sunset face the paladin before another man in fur-lined armor will come to replace him for the next week. No one is left at the lookout tower alone for long, the constant changing of the guards breaking up the monotony of the quiet forest and tundra. One of a pair of sending stones sits untouched on the shelf above the bed, the dust covering them giving light to the years of peace that have stretched across the outposts.
  The Northern Lookout Tower is one of many towers across the edge of the Northern Outposts. This is the closest to the tundra, the closet to Yllvalion and the safety of the Knights of Yggdrasil. This tower is the first to know if the giants are coming or if some other war or harm is coming for the elves. The paladins of the Knights take turns sitting in the tower and keeping watch. Those that sit in the tower for a week at a time are often veteran paladins, having years of experience in the ways of the north.
  It has been decades since the sending stones have been removed from their shelf and used to call for help. But if they ever are removed from their tomb of dust and the call sent out, the leader of the Knights of Yggdrasil himself will be the first to stand at the door of the tower, prepared for whatever danger is coming for the elves and their forest home.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of this tower is to stand as the first warning sign if danger is to come to the Northern Outposts. Constant watch is kept at the tower and a pair of sending stones is always kept at the tower to send messages to Yllvalion.


The walls are lined with intricate carvings, from centuries of paladins and others keeping watch. Those with artistic skills add to the carvings, new lines etched into the aging oak, splashes of color added to the deep etchings. Over time, the decorations within have changed too as each that has kept watch has added something to small room, whether it be a fur rug tanned from a wolf that howled late a night, curtains woven from silk or made with cast-off feathers. The walls are a marbling of color, some created with calligrapher's ink, others with ingredients found in the wilds around the tower.   The outside shows the same passage of time as the intricate carvings of the inside walls moved to the outside, weaving intricate vines and lace in the hardwood of the tower. The once rickety ladder that led inside was replaced with a staircase, one of flexible wood that circles around the base of the tower up to the room above, almost as if it was sung from a tree. The staircase mimics the intricate ones found in the Elven capital, but the carvings that line it are symbols of the Knights of Yggdrasil.   The interior of the door was saved for one particular piece of art. Bright colors and deft lines tell the story of the Giant Wars and how the tower saved Yllvalion and the forest. The name of the artist has long been lost, but the art remains as a reminder of the important role of the tower. Each generation adds to the alterations of the tower, but this piece never changes.


The tower is a standard wooden lookout tower with four glass windows that face each cardinal direction. The interior is a single room that is large enough to house a bed, a desk, and a small fireplace.


This tower was built within a year of the building of Yllvalion. The founder of the Knights of Yggdrasil, Eldrin Ylyndar, believed that the tower was necessary to keep the safety of the villages that were in the area. Many of the villages were small and unprotected, so the tower provided more protection.
Tower, Guard
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