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Melte Debara

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Oh how the gods are cruel beings from priving me from my beloved attention and blessing.
— Melte Debara

Melte Debara is shapeshifter from Ashtara that suffered greatly from the transition of worlds. They were known in Iphars for their STUNNING wild costumes. They always loved to change their apparence (although never their face structure, they loved their face and at most would change the skin colour). Their crossing to Iphars was violent and "contra su voluntad", and it changed their body and nature.

Shapeshifters are known for their ability to change their bodies to anything humanoid. It is their pride and they usually show with delight. Ripping a shapeshifter from such ability is the worst punnishment for them. And Melte recieved the worse punnishment, but would have never expected to be *so bad*.

When Melte crossed worlds, forced by other people, their body and mind were stressed and scary, and their magic reacted to it. Their ability to shift did not disappear, but it became uncontrollable. Melte feels dirty, violated, and disgusted with the body they used to love so much.

Their once beautiful ever-changing skin became an amalgation of multiples colors and textures, most of the time trying to camouflate with their enviroment. When tehy get scared or other bad feelings, their skin becomes invisible, priving them from what they love, attention.

Nowadays, the once worldwide famous Melte Debara, lives in the shadow, hiding from people who don't know fo their condition, only asking help when absolutely needed from people they've already learnt about their condition. If they need to go through a place that is known to be inhabited, they will always dress with common clothes, covering ALL their skin and hiding from their beloved attention as much as possible, usually accompanied by a friends of their that might take the attention away from them if it somehow falls onto Melte.


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Aug 10, 2023 22:00 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Poor Melte. :( I love the shapeshifting though!

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Aug 11, 2023 14:50 by Catoblepon

Poor Melte indeed, destiny decided they have had too much attention apparently

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