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Iphars is a changing wold that from time to time it crashes with other planes. Yes, we gave it magic, no we will not teach to use it nor involve ourselves in this crazy and mortal world. This is not one of our creations, this is just a world to play with, to test new things.
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Iphars, a young and small world in a binary system, has recently been gifted with magic and old gods full of ideas. Since then, it has started changing, evolving, and its inhabitants have to learn this magic and outsmart the changes to avoid extinction. While it is having a lots of changes (for example the appareance of floatin islands around the globe), one of the most important and deadly is the new velocity of the movements of the other planes, as it causes crashes between the planes and the plane where Iphars is located.
Iphars is usually divided in three levels:
  • Air level: where the floating islands can be found. It can be from 5km to 20km from the sea level.
  • Sea level: where the islands and landmasses can be found. It is considered to be from -1km to 5km from sea level.
  • Earth level: the underground, enormous cave systems that are mostly found under Branul and Emea. It is considered to start at 0km from sea level and -10km from sea level. The truth is that it is unknown the deepest point in the Earth level, but the deepest point known is somewhere around -10km from sea level.


In Iphars, there are two landmasses and four archipelago. While most of them are found in the sea level, one archipelago (Adea) is located in the air level and both Branul and Emea have lot of territory in the earth level. Iphars' map in progress


Branul, land of the old, the old continent.

Branul is formed of the main landmass plus eight islands and two floating islands. It is a warm land, with three lava lakes in the surface (the Axysk lake, the Knikis source, and the Lake of Kugrum).
There are 9 countries in Branul that rule all over Branul except for Neensera and Vreytide (the floating islands).
  • Acreys, rules part of south Branul and Irna and Luma.
  • Celasia Empire, rules north-east of Branul and Belnarus and Docars.
  • Dratian, rules south-east and Catania.
  • Estril, rules a part of Branul's center and Ennoid.
  • Methonia, rules one of the northen peninsula and Harmon.
  • Ocrius, rules south-west of Branul.
  • Sheoka, rules west of Branul.
  • Uchres, rules the other northen peninsula
  • Veglesh, rules part of Branul's center and Sath.
Base layer of the map in process to be updated


Emea, the new land, the land of oportunities.

Emea (WIP)


Kliras, the hot and exotic archipelago, the land of dead.


Izura, the cold land, the land of ice.


Adea, the flying land, the floating archipelago.




The elemental plane

The gods' plane

The mortal plane

The death's plane


Magic is a new thing for Iphars. It appeared 50 or so years ago, gradually and slowly, and it has not been fully implemented until a decade ago. It is been researched at the moment and is slowly started to be known.
Even thought it is recent, there has been genius people with what seems to be natural talent with it that has helped a lot to learn it and even created ways to go to other planes.





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