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Iphars is a changing wold that from time to time it crashes with other planes. Yes, we gave it magic, no we will not teach to use it nor involve ourselves in this crazy and mortal world. This is not one of our creations, this is just a world to play with, to test new things.
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Iphars, a young and small world in a binary system, has recently been gifted with magic and old gods full of ideas. Since then, it has started changing, evolving, and its inhabitants have to learn this magic and outsmart the changes to avoid extinction. While it is having a lots of changes (for example the appareance of floatin islands around the globe), one of the most important and deadly is the new movements of the planes, as it causes crashes between all the planes and and affects Iphars.


Iphars is divided in two landmasses and four archipelagos, which are the continents of the planet, but it also is divided by thee zones:

  • Air zone: where the floating islands can be found. It can be from 5km to 15km from the sea level.
  • Sea zone: where the islands and landmasses can be found. It is considered to be from 0km to 5km from sea level.
  • Earth zone: the underground. It is considered to start at 0km from sea level and -10km from sea level although the deepest point is unknow but that is the deeper it has been explored.

Most of the continents are located in the Sea zone, with the exception of Adea located in the Air zone. Branul and Emea are known for having a lot of territory not only in the Sea zone (as they are the two landmasses) but also in the Earth zone thanks to their enormous cave systems.

The land of the old, the old continent.

Branul is composed of a landmass, eight islands, and two floating islands. It is has three lava lakes in its surface (the Axysk lake, the Knikis source, and the Lake of Kugrum), some rivers and forests, and two mountain ranges, but most of the land is grasslands.

Nine countries cal this place their home and fight for territory. The surface is all claimed by one country or another and the caves are claimed as well although their territories are hard to control and many fights have been over their ownership.

The people of Branul are mainly Humans and Kreanes.

The new land, land of oportunities

With a big, long mountain range in its heart, this land composed by the main landmass and 14 islands, has lushious jungles on the south that slowly freeze to become tundras and taigas. A single floating island roams the north of the land.

Four countries settled in the center and north of Emea while various tribes populate the sourthen jungles without stablished territories to call themselves countries.

It is mainly populated by Asheks, Zetoni, Humans, and Naphilian.

The cold archipelago, the land of ice.

Izura is a big archipelago, broken by The dawn of magic, that originally had 13 islands which where broken into pieces to form the 31 islands that now form the archipelago. Boreal forests and tundras cover these islands.

Its territories are goberned by clans. Before The dawn of magic, each of the 13 islands had its own clan, but after the event, clans are rising and falling, fighting to obtain territory.

It is mainly populated by Shekkie and Humans.

The hot and exotic archipelago, the land of dead.

Kliras is the second natural archipelago of Iphars. Its composed 4 volcanic islands and 3 islands that have been slowly emerging since The dawn of magic. The volcanos of the islands, long inactive, have became active since the dawn.

Each main island (ignoring the small ones that are emerging) is its own country, but all the countries work together as an empire, governed by a group of four people (one from each country's government).

It mainly populated by Zetoni and Asheks, with a good amount of Humans and Kreanes.

The flying land, the floating archipelago.

Little is known of Adea. Its a group of 5 main floating islands, surrounded by many small islands. Big mountains can be seen in the main islands and many of the islands have water falling from them, but nothing else is known.

If knowing its geography is hard, knowing the goverment of the islands is almost impossible although it is believed that they are all governed by a monarch.

They are inhabited by Melgent.

Outer Space

Gaes & Zaul

Gaes and Zaul are the two binary suns that Iphars is rotating.

Gaes is the main star, bright and yellow. From Iphars, the size in the sky is as big as a fits.

Zaul is the secundary star, muted and white. Its size grows and shrinks during the year and it is known for hiding behind the main star during the months Penthas and Verthas.

Naero, Igur, Anval & Riox

Naero, Igur and Anval are Iphars' three natural satellites, its moons. They are used for the Iphars' calendar and many rituals and events base their time with the moons.

Naero is the biggest and slowest moon, with a white colour. Igur is the middle one (both in size and speed) and has a yellowish white colour. Anval is the smallest and faster, with a brown colour.

Riox is an asteroid that was trapped in Iphars' gravity since The dawn of magic. People have been very interested in it since its appareance and many myths, religions, and stories have born with his capture. It is believed that its appareance started The dawn of magic.

The other world, the crashed land.

Once a beautiful magical world, filled with a great variety of magical species. Magic was everywhere and filled its inhabitants lives. Until the The dawn of magic.

The dawn of magic started many years ago in Ashtara than it did in Iphars. It caused chaos, it ripped its land, and forced its people to cross strange portals that where never seen before which lead them to Iphars. This process is the so called crash with Iphars.

Through the portals, people, flora, fauna, and even pieces of land crossed and reached Iphars. The remains of it being located mainly in Adea.



Magic is an old power of this universe, created a long time ago by the gods. Somehow, Iphars hid from this power for a long time, until the gods found this powerless planet and decided to play with it. And thus, magic appeared in Iphars.

50 or so years ago, magic gradually and slowly started appearing in Iphars, calling it its new home. Magic its is own thing, its own being if you could call it a being, and molds things to its likes. Iphars is new to magic but its so alien to magic that it is trying to change it, but there is a lot to be changed, a lot to be molded, and magic is trying to do it with everything at the same time. This causes chaos.

The magic, the islands, the asteroid, it all appeared with The dawn of magic, an even that lasted weeks and caused a lot of changes. Land raised to become floating islands, creatures from other planes and Ashtara appeared in Iphars, portals randomly appeared, etc.

Casted magic by people is not always what one would expect, people may one day have magic and the next one have lost it all. People from Ashtara who once new magic call this power poison, cursed power, and are trying to tame it once again. People of Iphars call this a blessing, a curse, some are afraid, some love it.

With the dawn, with the magic, and with the gods, portals also appeared in Iphars. These appear randomly in places and last a random amount of time. Its destination is unknow if one does not cross it and may lead anywhere and in any plane. It is believed that happens because when The dawn of magic happened, it caused the planes to move, which makes them collide with Iphars from time to time.


People original from Iphars


People from Ashtara


Gods exist. This reality is their project, their game, and little is known of how they appeared or what are they other than powerful immortal beings. In Ashtara they appeared, visiting the people from time to time, and thus Melgent are aware of them and praise them. In Iphars, the real gods were never seen as they were unaware of Iphars' existance. The gods that the ipharian praise are fake, ideas or representation of things are some of the most common bases for gods.


Religion in Iphars has always been a need. A way of answering questions without real answers, a way to unify and pacify groups of people, a way to blame one's faults to someone else, etc. Many religions have existed in Iphars, many have died or evolved to other religions, new religions rise and fall with time and people.

Religions used to be related to ethinicites or species, depending on how many individuals were in a species and how much contact they had with other groups of their species. Generally speaking, each ethnicity used to have a religion, sometimes with subgroups, and that tied the ethnicity together. Since people started living in groups with mixed ethnicities and species, many religions that were compatible merged into one while other religions were erradicated for being conflicting with the religion with more followers.

Melgent have religions too, but theirs are different to Ipharian's religions. Melgent know gods are real and they have meet them, they religion are based on staying on a gods good side. They do not usually do sacrifices nor people dare to talk in name of a god unless the god has specifically said so. They are aware of how terrible is the wrath of the gods. Their religions do not have lies or empty promises about the gods, just what the gods have said whenever they have spoken.


While Iphars is very diverse and with a lot of different cultures which their own calendars, for the last few hundred years it has had a general calendar to make things easier although some cultures still use their own calendar and have this general one as secondary. It is based on Iphars' three moons.

A year is 211 days long and has 11 months of 19 days; the year follows the Naero, the biggest moon of Iphars. Every month follows the rotation of Igurand is divided into 3 weeks, the 2 first weeks are 7 days long, while the last week is 5 days long. The days are 16 hours long, with 6 hours of light, 9 hours of darkness, and an hour for the sunset and sunrise.

Every 5 years, there is a leap month of 10 days (with 2 weeks of 5 days each). This leap month is caused because the rotation of Naero is not aligned with the seasons that the suns create, and every 5 years the difference of the season marked on the calendar and the real season is too big to be overlooked at, so at the start of the year a month is added (matching the big, 10 days long, eclipse's season that also happens every 5 years), named Centhas.

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