Tylor's tails

Tylor's tails is a tailor shop located in Kinduar. It was founded by Tylor Shoce and nowadays it is managed by Tylor's daughter, Lensa Shoce.
The shop itself sells every cloth piece one can need, and if the piece is not in the shop, Tylor will gladly create it in some days (as more complex the piece, more days). Clothes in the shop are in different sizes and unfinished (just finished enough so client can prove them) so Tylor can adjust the clothes to fit the client perfectly. There is a kind of clothes that are in bigger quantities and with more diversity than the rest, and these are belts. Tylor loves to make belts and this is seen as soon as one enters the shop for belts occupy a third of the tiny shop.
Founding Date
38 years ago
Shop, Tailor
Parent Location

Tylor Shoce

Tylor Shoce, also know as Tylor the tailless tailor, the Zetoni that founded this shop in Kinduar.
Tylor was born in Emea but traveled to Branul with his wife 70 years ago, during the travel, they go attacked and survived, but Tylor had his tail cut. During The dawn of magic, his wife gave birth to his daughter Lensa but died afterwards. He then traveled to Kinduar with his newborn and years after, he managed to create this business.
The lost of his tail was a big change to his life, and to replace the tail, he started creating ridiculously long belts so he could felt a bit like having a tail again. Creating them, he realize his passion for belts and started to create normal length belts for the clients.

Lensa Shoce

Lensa Shoce, the Zetoni daughter of Tylor and the keeper of the shop nowadays.
Lensa was born when The dawn of magic occured and seems that it gave her magic, more specificaly, telekinesis. She started helping his father in the shop as soon as she learned to sew, doing some clothes and adjusting clothes for clients, but has not start managing the shop until a couple of years ago. She now deals with the clients, adjust their clothes, and keeps the accounts of the shop, while her fathers creates new clothes and more belts.
Yes, this is Tylor's tails. No, we don't sell tails.
— Lensa Shoce


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1 Dec, 2020 20:54

I love that his love for making belts came from such tragedy. Such a great response to this prompt! :)