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Lagai is a small town located next to the Lamargar forest and the Magbern river in the territories of Sheoka.

The town

Lagai is situated next to the Lamargar forest and has the Magbern river crossing the town. It is between the Durgdows range and the coast to the Grenlam ocean. In the forest, near the town, there is a cave with minerals that have been used by the blacksmith of Lagai. The western path merges with the main road leading to Sheoka's capital; the southern path leads to the farmland of Lagai and to a road that goes around the Lamargar forest and exits Sheoka in direction to Ocrius.
It has 13 houses, one of them also functions as a blacksmith, one as a shop and an inn. They have a pen where they keep some animals, some nets in the river to catch fishes (even though fishermen travel by boat up and down the river to catch more), a well in the middle of town to obtain clean water to drink, and a bit south the town some fields where they grow a great variety of plants.

The inhabitants



  • Kreanes: 35 people
  • Esheks: 7 people
  • Humans: 4 people
  • Asheks: 1 person


  • Blacksmith: 1 person
  • Merchant: 2 people
  • Hunters: 5 people
  • Farmers: 13 people

  • Ranchers: 6 people
  • Miners: 3 people
  • Unemployed: 11 people
  • Fishermen: 6 people


  • Female: 21 people
  • Male: 25 people
  • Genderless: 1 person


  • Kids: 10 people
  • Adults: 32 people
  • Elders: 5 people
47 people
Location under

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The major

The ruler of this town, selected once every 5 years by the inhabitants, unless the major dies (if the major dies, a new one will be elected after a week of mourning). They rule with the help of an advisor, but being a major is not the only job, the major is also expected to do the main jobs of the town (except merchant).

The advisor

The right hand of the major, selected every 10 years by the inhabitants, unless they die (if the advisor dies, a new one will be elected after a week of mourning). They help the major and manage the town registers, they are not expected to have a main job as the major does, but they are allowed to have one if they would like to.

The merchant

Most of the week, they run a small shop with basic stuff, and one day per week, they gather the stuff everyone made for sale (such as tools from the blacksmith, fishes from the fishermen, etc) and travel to the capital to sell as much of that as possible. At the end of the same day, they go back to Lagai and equally distribute the money from the sales between all the working people of the town. The major and the advisor are not allowed to be merchants because of the time that they would need to spend out of the town

The blacksmith

They create and repair all tools that are used in the town, from hoes to horseshoes. When they got nothing of work with these, they would create tools or even weapons for the merchants to sell at the capital. They get their materials to workig with from the miners and sometimes they ask the merchants to buy some materials they need but the miners do not extract in their mines. They also have some basic weapons, armors or tools that travelers may need when they pass by Lagai.

The farmers, miners and ranchers

They wake up with the sun and go to work as soon as possible. They spend the full day from sunrise to sunset, the pen, or the mine, and do not go back home till the sun is setting. All they gather from their work are carefully calculated and distributed in two piles: selling pile (composed of 3/4 of everything), and the town pile (to keep at the town and be used by the inhabitants of Lagai). Once per week, the selling pile is given to the merchants, to sell it in the capital. Sometimes miners do not realize sun is already down and they arrive later than expected.

The fishermen and hunters

They are divided in two groups that alternate each week: the diurnal team, and the nocturnal team. This division is done because while most of the animals that they bring are catched during daytime, during nighttime is when rare animals are awake because they are sold for more money and the skins obtained from some of them are higher quality and more resistent, the skins obtained from them are of a higher quality and more resistant, which makes them ideal for clothing. As well as farmers, ranchers and miners, they divide whatever they gathered in the selling pile and the town pile.


Thomas - major.png


The major of Lagai and a human. He also works as farmer. He lives with his wife and three sons. He wishes the best for the town and has been elected as major twice in a row, with the company of Brist.
Brist - adviser.png


He is Thomas' advisor, a eshek, and also works as rancher. He lives with his elder mother. He grow learning how to be advisor because his father was an advisor and he wanted to follow his steps.
Ysoth - blacksmith.png


They are a ashek and the blacksmith of the town. They lives alone and smithing is their passion. They came from Emea and an old couple took care of them when they arrived and taught them how to smith.



He is one of the merchants, a kreanes married to Monthra. He was born in Lagai and never exited town until he met Monthra, who took him in one of her travels as merchants. He likes to help the ranchers in his free time. A traveler has recently show him their drawings and since then, he as started learning how to draw. He runs the tavern.



She is the other merchant, a kreanes married to Stontor. She was not born in Lagai, but in one of her travels as merchant she got hurt and was nursed by a couple of kreanes who were the parents of Stontor. When she got better, she took Stontor on a travel and when they got back, they married and stayed in Lagai.

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Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!