Golden scar

The golden scar is one of the most prominent feature found in Aedoro by the Therik compasses on one of their travels. It is a crack on the island's floor of unknown depth filled with a golden liquid that softly glows in low light or darkness. It's surrounded by nests of Pufaa and near it there is the Rusted tower. Since it has been found, the Therik compasses also created a safe spot near of it after finding out that Pufaa are not a danger.

Fauna & Flora

In the borders of the crack, a small plants with golden flowers grow which have been baptised as Honuin by the Therik compasses. They can reach 10 cm tall and have thin spike-like leaves with a golden flower of many petals, their roots glow. These are all around the Golden Scar but they cannot be found anywhere two metres (6'5 ft) away from the crack.

Also living around the crack (although they go further away than the flower) there are panther-like creatures with black fur and glowy golden marks on the fur that mark where their bones are. These got baptised as Pufaa and so far have been seen as friendly creatures that do not mind the Therik compasses (who have been very careful to not do anything that could be considered as a threat to them).

Natural Resources

The earth around this crack seem to have been changed by the liquid touching it. Aproximately, the earth up to 2 metres (6'5 ft) away around the crack is hardened with a golden glow and a darker color.

In this darker earth, some small pebbles that look like gold can be found. They do not have the propieties of gold (being brittle, ridgid and unable to conduct heat), and has been named Stinor.

Location under

Safe spot

After being sure that the flora and fauna is not dangerous and fine being around the golden liquid (although it has not been tested yet if touching or drinking it is safe), the Therik compasses have made a camp 5 minutes away from it. This safe spot is important for them as it is fairly concurred as its an intersection to three roads leading to other safe spots and frequently is used.

This place, being the most impressive feature found yet on the island, has inspired the name of the Golden scar's stock, Therik compasses's shop where they live and sell tickets from their travels.

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Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
2 Aug, 2022 23:26

Hmm.. I wonder why the Pufaa are attracted to the golden scar? I love your imagination with this article - the description gives strong imagery, and I am very curious on how it came to be. The wonder does indeed seem astonishing, as well as remarkably beautiful. Lovely worldbuilding :)

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
3 Aug, 2022 21:27

Thank you! I'm glad I was able to give such a strong imagery as you say! I can't see images in my head (cuz aphantasia) so it makes me very happy that you say so!

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