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48 Norcool, 1248 EV

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The world of Inerterra is a strange one. To those who live upon it, it seems as though it never moves. The sun and moon circle the world, but their positions on the horizon never change. The equator is a burned, barren desert, and the poles are inhospitable glaciers; as there are no seasons, there are no cool rain months to hydrate the Sun Belt; no prolonged days to bathe the Ice Wastes in warmth. Theologians preach that this is because the gods of night and day are locked in an eternal struggle. What exactly they struggle for is still a matter of hot debate. Either way, the two are stuck in a stalemate, an equilibrium where each always has the exact same amount of control for the exact same amount of time.   On other worlds with seasons, winter is the season of sleep, of renewal of the world's energies, restoring nutrients to soil to promote the spring's growth. On Inerterra, with no such option, the world has evolved a different method of renewing itself. The Tectopins. Enormous migratory tortoises the size of mountains that travel from one pole to the other, consuming forests and those that live within them along the way, and leaving streams of manure in their wake. This manure not only furnishes the land with new nutrients, but is filled with the seeds and pollen of what it had consumed to repopulate the land.   However, in the process of creating the Tectopin, the world had spawned a myriad of ever fiercer monsters; creatures that destroy their environment, consume nearby resources, and only give back in death. The tide of monsters nearly overwhelmed the Kith before the fall of the Sapphire Star lead the Kith to ascend the first Tectopin and colonize its shell to escape the ravages of below. Now Kith fight, protecting Tectopin eggs and newborns as future new homes and seeking ways to cull the destructive monsters for good, and perhaps even set the season back into place and save the world from itself.