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The Sun Belt

The sky in the Sun Belt is always clear. Beautiful, cloudless nights that showcase the unmarred tapestry of stars that the gods have scattered, and scorching, merciless days with no respite from the burning sun. Those that can survive this hellish landscape might find their fortunes in the bounty of mineral deposits beneath the shifting sands.


The Sun Belt is the equator and surrounding areas. Due to the constant rotations of sun and moon, there are no cooler months to allow the equator to hydrate, and so away from the coastlines, the area is a heat-blasted desert. It is an inhospitable wasteland of bleached stones and burning sands, pocked with sinkholes and caves where enterprising folk have burrowed mines into the land.

Flora & Fauna

It is an inhospitable wasteland of bleached stones and burning sands, incapable of supporting plant life. However, this does not mean that nothing lives there. Petrovores that subsist on minerals alone swim through the sands to sift out the shards of crystals and ores that composes the area's ground, and prey on careless miners' work. Those who wish to explore under the right conditions might find the remains of an abandoned mine (or what might have conceivably been more than just a mine), and the remnants of those who once lived there. And what they have become since its abandonment.

Natural Resources

Due to the heat, the Sun Belt proves less resistant to the planet's internal currents. This means that not only is it rife with volcanic activity, it is also a hotbed for ores and gemstones. The most successful mines who produce the purest ore and largest crystals originate from the Sun Belt. These mines are most often crewed by members of the ground clans who burrow into the earth itself to avoid decimation by passing Tectopins. They have the experience needed to create safe tunnels, and to sustain subterranean lifestyles to avoid the worst of the Sun Belt's vicious afternoon heat.
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