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Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

Let's go, summer camp! I meant to do this much earlier, but I had to move into a new house, and that was kinda nuts! But I'm moved in now (hello, boxes everywhere), so I have time to sit down and hash this out! Woohoo!   Last year I was traveling internationally during a big chunk of summer camp, and the year before I didn't even know what it was! So I'm hoping this year will be my year of completion... or at least mostly completion. Fingers crossed!

Homework Assignment 1

Creative Goal

Last summer camp, I got some really great ideas that I've used as pivotal pieces of the worldbuilding and as plot points in my Imperia Triplica novels! My goal this year is to replicate that and just get creative in ways I don't normally.


I want to develop on a deeper level some of the settings and characters that I've been avoiding fleshing out up to now, so I can use them to detail out my novels.

Challenge Goal

I'd like to do at least the minimum 300 words for every single prompt! I'm already off on a late start (oops) but I get up very early in the morning, so there's hope. The biggest time suck for me isn't necessarily the writing, but is the article formatting!

Homework Assignment 2


This story is a future retelling of the Jewish-Roman Wars, and if there's anything we should all know about Romans, it's that they loved to discover new things. My space Romans, likewise, like to visit new planets and discover the heck out of them. I plan to use this theme to delve into their history and detail the ways they discovered planets.

A settlement that was lost or discovered An astonishing natural wonder
Coming soon!
A recently discovered or rediscovered species
Coming soon!
A lost or discovered artifact of significance or power
Coming soon!
A technology lost, forgotten, or shrouded in mystery
Coming soon!
A lost or discovered monument
Coming soon!
An Explorer, Researcher, or other character motivated by discovery
Coming soon!
A travel log or other document associated with discovery
Coming soon!

Diamond Theme: MONSTROUS

Boy howdy, we love monsters and antagonists! I have so many. I'm excited for these prompts to see how I can better flesh out my antagonistic forces!


A species considered monstrous by some
Coming soon!
A myth or urban legend about a "monster"
Coming soon!
A tradition which keeps monsters or bad luck away
Coming soon!
A condition considered monstrous or "unlucky" by some
Coming soon!
An organization considered cruel or monstrous by some
Coming soon!
A person considered villainous or monstrous
Coming soon!
An artifact that embodies a hideous or monstrous idea

Homework Assignment 3

First of all, here's my world meta!


Imperia Aesthetic

Mariner Aesthetic

Gnaeus Aesthetic

Naomi Aesthetic


Homework Assignment 4

Writing Schedule

Continue to wake up super early. Write for one hour. Steal little bits of time throughout the day to tinker with article formatting. Submit article. Great success.   I wish I had something more solid. But I have a full-time job, two children, a new house I still need to unpack, blah blah blah. Sometimes success isn't about making a rigid schedule. Sometimes it's about being able to steal moments when you can, and that's what I'll be doing this time!


I have an amazing crew of writer friends in real life who I write with weekly! I almost have a couple of them convinced to try out WA. We're getting there!


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