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Godmaw Ultra-Greatclub


Weapon, legendary   While wielding this +4 ultra-greatclub, the user takes on the following effects:
  • The user's Strength score is overridden to 30. No bonuses can be applied to this override.
  • As an attack action per long rest, the user can force a creature to make a DC 18 Constitution saving throw. On a success, the creature falls prone if it can. On a failure, the creature falls prone and is incapacitated for it's next turn.
A massive rib struck from the Heart of All Things. The off-white bone is blemished by growths of Heartstring, the coiling flesh sprouting small fanged mouths and black, unblinking eyes. Grooves carved into the thinner end of the rib are inscribed with abyssal runes of strength, allowing it to be wielded as a godlike greatclub by even the weakest.  
Eneren sat amidst the burning wreckage, watching the orange hues of the sunset become ensnared by the smoke plumes that dotted the charred landscape. Jellen Ophos stumbled over a strip of rebar, clutching their side. A steady trail of oil slowly stained the ashen gray sand, as the warforged reached Eneren. Jellen clenched their one remaining fist over their bleeding abdomen. The duo maintained silence for a few minutes, before Jellen lost control of their legs. Eneren's stare never shifted as the bot fell onto their back. The lights were already fading from the eyes of the tired old frame.   "I'm not the first, am I?"   The last Heartstrand rose from the ash, a few hundred feet out. It prodded about the miles of wreckage, searching. This was the epilogue, one of thousands. With an hour's time, the Heartstrand relented in it's search, and slowly sunk back below the ash and cinders. Jellen had already died by the time Eneren finalized his thoughts.   "No. I realize that now."   The soil began to shift, the ashen dunes rising and falling as they undulated with the world's reformation. His head began to pulse. Almost time.   "I don't think-"   Eneren's hand gently placed itself on Opho's head, closing their eyes. He shut his.   "I don't think you're the first."
Weapon Properties:   Attack Type: Melee   Reach: 10ft.   Damage: 1d10+4 Damage   Type: Bludgeoning   Weight: 92 lb.   Cost: 22,500 gp

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