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Past, present, future and anything else you want

''Oh you
May you be praised
For you are all
Past, present and future
All which you represent
Oh you
May your tone shine
As bright as dark
For you are night and day
Extremes in you joining''.
-excerpt from a poem
A relatively small flowering plant that grows in the sparse forests of Eastern Ikaharin, eion has since time immemorial been highly sought after by the peoples of the Central Land, both for its remarkable dark purple colour, medicinal uses and deep symbolism, it being a representation of eternity for many.

General characteristics


''As the Three Routes all trace back to the Only One, the three stems of this most perfect plant trace back to a single core''.  
-religious analogy
Above ground, eion shows three stalks of equal height from which stem many small flowers. These stems are then connected to a small rhizome that isn't buried too deep underground and also serves as the starting point for the roots.  


''Praise be upon you! For night and day came together to paint you''.  
-small prayer
Probably the flashiest feature of this species, its flowers' petals are of an intense purple colour, one which is often described as both bright and dark at the same time and mixes fairly well with the reddish tone of the filaments.  

Reproduction and life cycle

''Oh you
Hidden treasure
For our mortal bodies
Can never aspire
To even see your grace
Oh you
Greatest of gifts
Why do you avoid us
In this land of pleasures
Yet seek us
In the afterlife
In that gray abyss?
Oh you
Cruelest of all
Why is the olive's friend
That small purple delight
The only one worthy
Of your grace in this world?''
Eion plants can be born either from seeds or by replanting a piece of the rhizome somewhere else. After doing this, the plant will grow its famous stems, which will stand there until the rhizome is dug out or otherwise destroyed, even if they shed their flowers seasonally.   Though they can grow their roots entirely independently and not rely on other species for sustenance, it is not unheard of for eion plants to tap into the root systems of neighboring trees (olive trees in particular), becoming a sort of parasite.  



''-Iaran! Iaran! Iaran! I sell eion flowers, harvested from only the best of forests, I swear! All would do good to visit me, for it is known by all the wise men that eating these is of great benefit to the loins. Iaran! Iaran! Iaran!   -He is not lying, may the king hang him from a pole if he is! My house was once in misery, for I could not pleasure any of my wives and they resented me for it. I thought all was lost until I heeded the wise man's advice and of this plant I made a fine dinner.   Afterwards the power flowing from my stem became so intense it became a tree and all the women in the neighborhood rejoiced in divine ecstasy, for upon them fell this great blessing!''.  
From the roots to the flowers and even the pigment of its flowers, this plant is a core ingredient of Ikaharinese Medicine and a vital component of any wise man's stock. Furthermore it is believed there is an eion-based product to cure any ailment or enhance any trait imaginable.  


''-(Hilku, visibly angry): You idiot! How on Earth did it cross your mind to sell the goddamn eion! How do you expect us to do the ritual without the only ingredient?   -(Lalnan): Calm down, I was hungry and that salmon looked too good to miss, I even kept some for yourself...   -(Hilku, sarcastic, then furious): Oh wow! Thanks for your kindness, I forgive you, I can totally see why you thought that fucking fish was more important than the spirit of my dead father''.  
-excerpt from a theater play
Thanks to its great cultural significance for the Ikaharinese, eion has a lot of ceremonial and religious uses in the Central Land, it being visible in one form or another in nearly every special occasion in the calendar.   As it is seen as a symbol of eternity and long life, eion flowers are often used a sort of confetti that gets thrown around at any important occasions related to the beginning of new things, such as coronation ceremonies, as they think this ensures a long life/reign/career.
''Oh boy, so much purple! What is this guy trying to compensate...''  
Eion is also often seen decorating the gardens of most palaces and temples, as they are associated with high status and the divine (even if the wetter regions in the west of Ikaharin aren't well suited for its cultivation).   Finally, this plant is also a frequent element in ceremonial offerings and rituals of all kinds, similarly to olive oil.
Average Height
40-60 centimeters

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8 Apr, 2021 07:34

This is a really interesting plant! I love the inclusion of poems and prayers about it throughout the article, that extract from a play is especially great. It really helps me understand just how important that plant is to the Ikaharinese.

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8 Apr, 2021 14:59

Thank youu!

Ynar wishes you a nice day!
8 Apr, 2021 23:13

I love the quotes you've included throughout the article. Really nice. This is a really fascinating plant. <3

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea! Please check out my peculiar plants entry! :)
9 Apr, 2021 17:40

Thanks! Glad you like my quotes :3

Ynar wishes you a nice day!
10 Apr, 2021 00:19

Nice article, I like the religious importance of your plant and the quotes helped a lot with highlighting that and its role in other aspects of daily life :)   Is the plant cultivated? I'd imagine a huge quantity of it is required given its importance… Does it make a lot of profit or is the plant too common for that?

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10 Apr, 2021 17:40

Even if the Ikaharinese often look down on farming, preferring to hunt and gather, some plots of land are devoted to eion cultivation (mostly overlapping with olive groves). This cultivated eion is much more plentiful than its wild counterpart, but is seen as inferior.   Also, like olive groves, eion cultivation is an affair mostly controlled by the central state, so the individuals don't really get rich trading it (i say 'trade' and not 'sell' because currency is something Ikaharin lacks).

Ynar wishes you a nice day!
10 Apr, 2021 15:26

Very interesting read. I really like how you started each section with a poem or religious text. Those were some nice additions to the article. It makes the importance of the plant come across. I wonder though since the plant has a religious importance is it not wasteful or sacriligious to use it as mere confetti? Or are there enough of this plant that it is not really important?

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10 Apr, 2021 17:44

For the Ikaharinese throwing eion around as confetti is seen not as sacrilege but as a way to spread blessings to the people, also for them it's not wasteful but rather a show of power and wealth.

Ynar wishes you a nice day!
Grandmaster AzounIV
Luca Poddighe
11 Apr, 2021 15:51

Nice article! I liked especially the poems. I would possibly try to describe the flower a bit more to make it easier to imagine.

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12 Apr, 2021 14:10

True, this article is kinda shorter than my average :p

Ynar wishes you a nice day!
Grandmaster AzounIV
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12 Apr, 2021 15:36

But it is good anyway!

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12 Apr, 2021 15:48

Thank youu!

Ynar wishes you a nice day!
11 Apr, 2021 21:08

"Afterwards the power flowing from my stem became so intense it became a tree and all the women in the neighborhood rejoiced in divine ecstasy, for upon them fell this great blessing!" I laughed a lot with this quote!!! You genius boy <3

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12 Apr, 2021 14:03

Heheheheheh, glad you liked my commercial! Had to describe it in a way I wouldn't have to put the nsfw label ;)

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13 Apr, 2021 00:45

Damn, son, this article is fantastic, I loved it! It is so great! I am always impressed at your poems, they are BEAUTIFUL.   ...And I was like "aaaawww this is such a sweet and wholesome article" and then I read the commercial lol. Fascinating.

13 Apr, 2021 13:50

Thanks for liking my poetry! And my commercials xD, I learnt from the best (?

Ynar wishes you a nice day!
16 Apr, 2021 17:14

Out of curiosity, is the eion actually useful medicine-wise, or is it just a snake oil?

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17 Apr, 2021 14:39

Eion definitely doesn't do everything it's said to do, however I'll leave the veracity of that commercial up to the reader's imagination...

Ynar wishes you a nice day!
16 Apr, 2021 21:25

Hey Ynar!   I like your inclusion of poems and prayers to give the cultural effect of your plant. I think my main suggestions for you as next steps is to add some images and try changing up the article layout with columns and sidebar content. Great work!

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Thank you! I plan to (hopefully) use this Summer to learn how to pretty up my articles and draw stuff other than maps with my laptop :)

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