The Vux

There is three ethnicities of the Tomid race, and one of then is the Vux. The Vux lived their own lives on their large mountainous cape and small islands close to the left continent until the Chryld happened upon them in 2012BB. The Chryld thought that the Vux looked odd. They looked like animals with their tails and oddly shaped legs. They even sounded like animals when they tried to speak.   Thus the Chryld decided to use the Vux as tools in expanding their empire.   They used the Vux as slaves and culled the even then small population into almost extinction. But they persevered until the rest of the people of the continent decided to stand up to the empire that was trying to conquer them. The empire fell after a long battle, freeing the Vux from slavery.   The way they look and the problems they have in learning the languages of the other races have kept them marginalized and looked down upon until modern times when they have become easier to interact with.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Their naming conventions seem to make no gender differences. Zax, Chix, Mexi, Zazzi...

Family names

The Vux traditionally don’t have any last names so if they marry somebody from another race they take their name. If they have to live in one of the big cities they will take on the last name of the town that they were born in.

Other names

If they have children with a person from another race they will (with the consent of the other parent) make the names more Vuxian. Irah -> Irax


Major language groups and dialects

They speak Vuxian. If they move outside Vuxi they will try to learn the language of their new home but it will be hard to learn that language for them and they will do it with a heavy accent. It’s easier to learn Vuxian for others than it is for them to learn other languages.

by BasicDragon
A modern Vux


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