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Rapid Response Connect Tech


Rapid Response Connect Tech, short RRCT (sometimes pronounced "Rect" by some tech-individuals) is the third iteration from the old and well-loved technology of Bluetooth.
It is used as a multi-purposed connectivity technology which includes a variety of layers, protocols, APIs and embedded drivers for 80% of all technology which humanity has produced. Some of it dates back to the early years of the 2000er, but those ancient drivers and APIs are slowly getting replaced or just shut off. Printers are ignored. Everyone hates printers, so the developers of the new Valerian Operating System has to figure out how to send stuff to printers.


RRCT was Bluetooth before it became Bluetooth V2 and then evolved into Rapid Response Connect Tech, because companies complained a lot about... well, everything in Bluetooth V2. Be it speed, connection bugs, incompatibility, high maintenance, not modular enough, supported not enough protocols or hardware. Which was rather difficult when you were starting into the age of Artificial Intelligence on a broader level. How should one expect that a fusion reactor would run smoothly when the AI was fast as hell, but the hardware was not responding while it was getting a coffee?
With a few nudges from John a large project was set up: Project Icarus.
Flying close to the sun was not the goal, only to elevate the technology so it was ready for the future. The largest problem was to minimise the transportation time of data. The solution was a lot of micro-satellites, a few main satellites and a few relay stations, including Luna, Mars and every other planet in the system. It reduced the responding time from minutes in the proximity of Terra to next to zero, in the Sol system to under five minutes.
Which was good, but still problematic without enough connectivity layers and general support. A thing which was tackled by Alira and Valeria simultaneously on different fronts. Only after a few years even older hardware supported via software-update (as long as they could get one) the new tech.
And then they added the last layer including the last funcionality which catapulted the RRCT to the top of the technological foodchain: Asynchrony and Elastic layer (has nothing to do with the old tech of ElasticSearch).


The RRCT supports a huge variety of connections, protocols and APIs. With this tons of tons of tons of protocols, libraries, dependencies, drivers, APIs one might think that RRCT is slow, convoluted and practical overkill?
No. That is where the asynchronity and the Elastic layer come into play. The Elastic layer is basically a "dumb" Artificial Intelligence which is constantly monitoring the data streams, endpoints and access requests or connection tries with other systems. If Elastic (which is the name most people are refering to it) bounces off a system or an endpoint, it tries to understand which kind it is and either tries to develop an API or a driver or pulls from the huge libray of connections/protocols/APIs and so on. Even the low-tech XML and JSON files are supported.
Elastic makes sure that it only needs the layers and connections which are required and deletes them when they are not. And there comes the asynchronity into play: installation and deinstallation during production without interference.
With the newly found systems of the races in the Council of the Stars it is gaining more and more traction. But people ask: How are they getting all the information? Where are the libraries etc. stored?
The answer: a small, highly compressed database, storing only the utmost necessary information so the Elastic layer can replicate the entire structure of the thing which is needed, be it the HTTP protocol or the six-endpoint-creating curious mind of a Nemeian ship.
There are still complications and not everything is running smoothly, but the RRCT is the best tech for datatransfer and communication humanity could have built in the last centuries.


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Aug 19, 2023 00:12 by Joella Kay

I like how the AI creates the drivers and software needed on the fly.

Aug 19, 2023 11:07

Otherwise it would be anything, except for rapid. :D

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