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The Bhryvairian Succession


8/9 5:00

Following the resignation of Se'gwellian Rósan and the death of Se'Aurd Owain, for the first time in more than 1000 years, Hålaèrenn Cère was leaderless. For most of its history, Hålaèrenn Cère had been guided by the blood of Manon and the 12 kings, prospering for centuries. But in one battle they lost not only their prince but also their beloved princess.

To make matters worse, the Treaties forced seven Brinnoi to abdicate their thrones out of sheer humiliation and felled more than half of the kingdom's wealth by reparations. Hålaèrenn Cère was without a leader and wrung low by the recession, the Assembly was a cesspool of weakness and without leadership, while the people were burning with resentment and losing their livelihoods. The tight reins they'd held on the Rhys Isatia, was all but eradicated. As the monopoly, they'd built fell through, and the North Crescent bought up all the land, the provinces of Bhaltairia Ghwim fell silent.   Seven Assembly seats left vacant and nearly 35 noble houses in disarray, the Cèrish people were clamoring for a change. And yet there was still hope, for the first time in 320-years the Ember Court ordered a Gilded Sacrament. There would be a new Ceirez and new kings to fall under her, and all would be well again. Or so they thought.   The Sacrament only festered the ire of the Serish peoples, dividing them into factions.
  • Ån Dúin-Auragh (The Gilded Tower): Staunch traditionalists who believed in rigidity, authoritative democracy, and noble rule. They backed Móra don Aerrii.
  • Rialaegh Glaeu (Blue Rule): An ecclesiastical order who pushed for a Tsearosan autocracy, and a return to isolationism. They backed Seirre MycÓrrianne.
  • Briaragh Núrn (Fair North): moderates longing for the days of Kaedyn supremacy, Assembly reform, and militarism. They backed Cè Eadana AuCaedden.
  • Cythairra Sanuiell (Knights of Bright Blood): young radicals pushing for democratic reform and Assembly disbandment; the backed Íora cè Sanuiell.
  It all began with the burning of Lord Bryena AuGottsani...

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