Summer Camp Pledge 2022: Grow Beyond

Recording First Tourney of Minor House Verdant

Hello, World Anvil! I’m Baron Basil, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to Kittering Community Garden. Here, on the outskirts of Kittering Village, is the future site of the Headquarters for our recently-incorporated Holistic Organization Unlocking Sustainable Eating: Verdant. Currently the site has been graded, but preparations are underway for casting the concrete foundation for the greenhouse. This modular iron-and-glass construction will serve as a growing space to provide comestibles for Literomancers participating in the Game of Tomes! Everyone is welcome in the Community Garden, conveniently accessible within the Game of Tomes Discord server. My purpose in writing in World Anvil and pledging myself to participate, however obliquely, in Summer Camp, is as follows. Numerous fellow Literomancers have convinced me of the merits of World Anvil, including my esteemed Verderer, the first supporter of the concept for House Verdant, Aydan Moonflower. Also special Felis Family thanks to Princess Melody, for being the first "follower" of this "world"! (It seems there are many surprising features of World Anvil with which to acquaint myself over the course of the July Tourney of Tales.) Other persuasive colleagues include my estimable mentor, House Ocelot’s Seacat, Sailing Ocelot, fellow ally of Major House Felis. Felis is the House I’ve been proud to call home for a year and without which Verdant would not exist. Its ascencion to Major status created the niche to nurture our new Minor House.     Please pardon me for being carried away with my familial feelings for Felis, I mustn’t neglect to acknowledge the encouragment of ShyRedFox, previously of House Kitsune and now of House Apis. I am very grateful to make use of the “block” explaining Camp Chill. It was adapted by ShyRedFox from another “Anvilite” with whom I am not yet acquainted. Also, I ought not forget Satrium, the Wizard of GoT, also a chill camper, and RPGDinosaurBob, who is a World Anvil role model for Tome Knights.   Which brings me to my reasons for participating in Summer Camp. I feel it is my duty as a House Leader to set the example of organization in my Barony. My dream is to create a sanctuary in which new sprouts discovering their Literomancy can thrive and grow at their own pace. To this end, I stream regularly at the cool and peaceful hour of my timezone on my Twitch channel, cottonspun. There, I endeavor to provide a refreshing and not-too-stimulating stream with perhaps some birdsong. If the birds are obliging, of course. As the freshest House, providing canned birdsong would be counter to our authentic values.   As a traditional artist endeavoring to incorporate digital media into my practice for the purposes of sharing stories, I am on a journey of learning in several skill areas. These include but are not limited to animation, game design, storycraft, and information management. It is to this last point that I am attributing my capitulation to learn World Anvil, though I have found the interface to be disconcertingly overstimulating in the past. However, this time I am applying what I’ve learned in working on my long-term project “The Story (with Magical Cats)” (working title), by generating written content in focused areas such as a physical notebook (with trusty fountain pen) or distraction-free writing software (newly earned/acquired Scrivener) before adapting the stories for presentation.   As such, any articles I present will consist of text first, and be later embellished at my leisure with original drawings in ink and watercolor pencil. This Tourney I am primarily focused on Darning Plotholes in The Story (unless my fancy is caught by constructing new plotarchitecture). However, on-stream, in addition to the Verdant Q&A and Tourney of Tales wordcount submissions, I offer a “Diverting Story”. For this viewer redeemption, I will take a break from working on my main project and commit some time towards Crafting Verdant Lore for this World Anvil documentation and presentation endeavor. Though participating in Summer Camp as motivation and accountability, I will prioritize House resource relevance in creating content for this reference record over prompt reccomendations.   Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll visit Kittering Community Garden soon!

Historical Details


World Anvil hosts Summer Camp each July. This article references this worldbuilding network's individual goal-framing objectives, and how they will be applied to House Verdant's recordkeeping.


No prior Summer Camp Pledge has been made in this World, created for the purpose of recording House Verdant-related events during the July 2022 Tourney of Tales of the Game of Tomes.

Public Reaction

A draft of this document was read aloud on stream several days prior to its ratification, and listener response was positive.


Goals statement intended for the duration of overlapping July 2022 events WA Summer Camp and Tourney of Tales: GoT

Nnie's Camp Chill Guidelines

- Remember the prompts are suggestions, not requirements.
- Write what you're passionate about, leave what you aren't.
- Relax when you feel tired.
- Fight off any pesky brain-squitos trying to make you doubt your work.
- Don't abandon your non-summercamp goals! Write that article you're itching to write, even if it doesn't fit any prompts.
(Shared with permission from Annie Stein. Read her thoughts on 'Camp Chill' on her Camp Pledge.)
Manuscript, Historical
Authoring Date
during June 2022
Ratification Date
June 22, 2022
Expiration Date
July 31, 2022


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