Death of Danny Dangerous §COL-B3-A3-S17


--Fall of 2011::A young Devushka is captured by the demented Danny Dangerous! How Devushka escape? Will the rest of the Collegiate find her before its to late? And who is this mysterious doctor working for Dangerous?

Plot points/Scenes

  • A captive Gal Chaos faces her fears against small time villian Danny Dangerous
  • Dangerous, with the help of Doctor Evangiline Keel, attempts to remove Gal Chaos' powers and turn them into a weapon.
  • The immediate fear of losing her powers is overcome with the joy of watching the embodiment of her powers overtake and apparently rip apart Doctor Keel.
  • Her powers now seperate from her physical form, Gal Chaos uses them to Psychically rend Dan Dangerous to pieces, amd then to physically kill him.
  • The arrivale of Heatwave and the rest of the Colltoegiate to the scene of a vicious double homicide by their friend puts the team at odds.
Plot type


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