Tending the Herds

There are wolves at the edge of every land. Some walk on four feet, others on two. Regardless of where these predators come from, they inevitably seek to steal from your flock. It is up to you to stop them. Even though you’ve taken to a different life and your original flock is long gone, this basic fact hasn’t changed, and you remain ever vigilant.

Herder Stories

Roll Event Trait
1-3 A Heavy Lambing Season Exotic Tastes
4-6 Nights of Sweet Silence Hedonist
7-10 Howls in the Night Nightmares
11-14 A Decimated Herd Survivor
15-17 Wolves Among the Flock Compassionate
18-20 Raiders Vengeful

A Heavy Lambing Season

You scarcely remember the work, but you’ll never forget the noise. An endless chorus of bleats, swearing, and the wet sounds of butchery. When the season was over, you were rich enough to afford comforts your forebears had never indulged in. What did you get a taste for, and does it tempt you still?

Nights of Sweet Silence

You remember the hills where you rested, sandwiched between the grasses and scented herbs of the wild. The days were tender and the nights were long. You spent more time at play than at work, and gained memories that still lighten your heart, even in leaner years. Of these, what is your fondest memory?

Howls in the Night

Wolves were only an occasional threat, but tell that to your aunt. She was determined to make you a masterful wolf hunter, even if she had to beat the lessons into you. Despite all the training, you only remember hearing howls once. Your aunt woke you quietly and with you went into the forest, brandishing fire and steel. When you emerged into daylight, she seemed a hundred years older and you never slept properly again. What dreams haunt you still?

A Decimated Herd

The illness left many dead in its wake. Superstition had its way, and even more of the herd were sacrificed to save the healthy. When the plague had passed, only one in five lived. The herd was doomed. Your cattle master drove the remainder to town, where they were slaughtered and the money divided amongst you. In the morning, you found him hanged with a lock of his wife’s hair still woven around his fingers. Just the night before he had seemed so wise. What was the last thing he said to you?

Wolves Among the Flock

It was only natural in the hard winter that the wolves would find you. At first, they were the nuisance they had always been, but as the snows grew deeper the tracks got larger. Somewhere in the forest, a great wolf was gathering a pack larger than any seen before. Foresters would go in gangs to gather firewood, but you quickly found yourself lost. In the snow while carrying a bundle of wet branches, you saw it and looked into its eyes. To this day those eyes haunt you. What did you see and why did it let you live?


First there was nothing but thin trails of smoke, off in the distance. Soon there was the report of laughter, carried as if on the wind. In hushed tones, the old men of your village whispered a word that carried with it a weight of dread… “Raiders!” The fences were surrounded with traps and the able-bodied in your village were set as guards. On the third night the raiders struck. Half the herd was stolen and fifteen were placed upon the pyre. Finally, it was time for the young to speak and your voice joined many. What did you do, and what was the cost?
Caste Talents: Subject, Sentry
Skill Gained: Animal Handling