Escaped Slave

Breaking the Chains

Whether from an open field or within the confines of the deepest mine, you were caught and forced into labor, a fate you despised. One day an opportunity presented itself, and you set yourself free. Now you look back only to see if your former masters are searching for you.

Escaped Slave Stories

Roll Event Trait
1-3 A Band of Brothers Regrets
4-6 Hidden Far From Sight Fond Memories
7-10 One of the Multitudes Marked by the Pit
11-14 Under the Eyes of the Masters Stalked like Prey
15-17 Hunted by Your Master Nemesis
18-20 Hunted by the Law Hunted!

A Band of Brothers

Whether by your own hand or the will of another, you were freed, alone in the world. You found others like yourself, and formed a band. Through scavenging, work, and even theft, you supported one another, hidden within a ruined building on the fringe of society. Then something brought it to an end. Who betrayed your band? What, or who, were the guards looking for? Why do your former friends mistrust you?

Hidden Far From Sight

Suddenly they died and you were alone. You could go anywhere, do anything. You took their money and spent every penny, constantly on the move. Then you found it: a perfect home, far from suspicious eyes. That home is gone now, just a memory that makes you smile. Where was that home, and what made it so special?

One of the Multitudes

Thousands of laborers toiled in the site as your master brought forth his vision. Conditions were cruel and many times you tasted the lash. As if by a miracle, the call came. As the uprising spread through the camp, with dozens of others you won your escape. Did you fight your oppressors valiantly, or did you slink away like a cur?

Under the Eyes of the Masters

They know you have escaped and they know where you have run. Perhaps they bide their time, or perhaps you are not worth the cost of retrieval. Still you know the strange one from the blackened tower has spies that watch your every step. Why is the strange one so interested in you?

Hunted by Your Master

Your former master never forgot the indignity of your escape. Now with estate in ruins, she lives only for vengeance. Who is she and why does she hate you so muc

Hunted by the Law

They’re on your track, crashing through taverns and looking in the alleys. Perhaps you committed the crime and it was worth it. Perhaps you are unjustly tormented. Either way, a trail of suffering follows in your wake. Whose suffering do you regret the most and what will you do to put them at ease?
Caste Talents: Embittered, Vagabond
Skill Gained: Survival