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Welcome to the Hive

Welcome to the Hive!

Hello there. I'm not sure what or who you are, but we Shadows are open to visitors. Quite open, in fact. Well, welcome to the Hive, the land of Cells! Please stay with me--you don't want to get mixed up with those vicious Voidcallers or lowlife Tides.  

Where am I?

Oh! Sorry, I should've explained. The Hive is a world almost completely filled with water. On top of the water lies floating islands called Cells--you're on one right now. The environment is very dark, I know. Right now the water is low, so we're not as close to the endless light as we are during high tide.  

So... how does that work?

  Argh, I got to go. Here, my servant Tide will introduce you to the details of things.

Alright, I guess I'm in charge of things now? Great. Well, hi! I'm a Tide, and don't introduce yourself, it's a waste of time. First off, don't listen to my "master" and her opinion of Tides and Voidcallers. We're delightful. Shadows despise the written word, but their literate so they can communicate easily with us. And I feel that you're a reader, so I think I'll just direct you to some good reading--the real kind. You can read all the Shadow's scientific jargon later, this is the real stuff.   Mythologie and Historie

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