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700 P.M

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Himadelon is a planet that is split up into 4 continents: Trekkgaren, Pyrolet, Iye-Poleth, and Yggdrasil's Roots. Yggdrasil's Roots aren't a big land mass, but instead a series of islands that get bigger and bigger as you go towards the center. Trekkgaren, Pyrolet, and Iye-Poleth are all in the shape of crescents and they surround Yggdrasil's Roots.   The world was once one giant continent, called Terra, until an extremely large meteorite slammed into it. This meteorite split the world apart into the shape it is now. Almost everyone who lived on the earth died. After many thousands of years of evolution, humans began to rise up again, in the new world.   This meteorite had magic inside of it and was the first introduction of magic into the universe. There were only a few hundred people who actually ended up harvesting magic from the meteorite at first, but as the years went on, more and more people started harvesting magic from the meteorite.   Once most of the population had access to magic, people began to hone it for specific uses. Some people created spell books and gave universal names to spells. Others put the magic into objects, which was the birth of magical items. As time went on magic became a bigger and bigger part of the earth, and magic users became as common as regular fighters.