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Show What You've Got For The Final Exam of The Blacksmithing Academy

After a three year study at the blacksmithing academy, the students have one final event left to prove their worth as an apprectice: the Trembiloga. The premise is simple, create your best piece of blacksmithing work. Master blacksmiths from the region and beyond travel to Matona to judge the work of the students and offer them a chance to become an apprentice under them.  
After judging has passed, celebrations will begin! We shall provide everyone with food and drink, while we aunction off your work! The funds we get for your work, will be transferred to you! We don't want you all to start life empty handed now, do we.
— The Headmaster of the Blacksmithing Academy speaking to the Students about Trembiloga
  The hard work of all students pays off; in most cases, they all get an apprenticeship at a master blacksmith. It rarely happens that the work of a student isn't good enough, but in those few cases the students studied for another year to pass with flying colours at their next Trembiloga. While not all students get an apprenticeship under their preferred master, most will end up with a very good teacher for the next few years in their career. Some students even go to Dunfaern, the epitome of the Irrean blacksmithing culture.   Many of the younger students attend the Trembiloga at the recommendation of their teachers. Getting familiar with the concept of the event and seeing the older students in action works well to motivate them. They cheer on their older peers and closely watch what details the master blacksmiths are looking for in the finished works. Furthermore, it is the perfect event to do a bit of networking and getting to know other blacksmiths. At the banquet after the judging, nothing works so well as bribing a with master blacksmith's keg of ale to have a good chat with them.
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Entry Prep
- Materials used during the competition must be supplied by the Blacksmithing Academy. If you want to supply a special material, it must be approved by the board of the Academy before the start of the event.

Start Smithing
- Participants are expected to arrive a few hours before the smithing starts. They are expected to prepare their forge and inspect their gear beforehand.
Remember: This part is also judged!

End Smithing
Mid Afternoon
- Sabotaging other particpants and cheating result in direct disqualification of the event. Furthermore you'll be removed from the academy.

Late Afternoon

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Yay for feasting until you pass out!   This is great, I really love the concept. I want to go and watch all the smiths at work.

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