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Treasure Rage

The Gold Dragon is known for being a wise and graceful dragon. While many enjoy a good treasure that they either find or are given, a treasure shouldn't cause any trouble for a gold dragon.


Every gold dragon from the Birgor bloodline has a 66% chance to have Treasure Rage.


When a gold dragon goes into treasure rage, there are a multitude of things to look out for, but these are the most frequent and easiest to spot.   When a gold dragon is in any other form, it will transform into its dragon form. Their eyes, usually appearing liquid and shiny gold, turn blazing emerald. Their personality changes from calm and calculated to irrational and angry. Once a gold dragon goes into a treasure rage, there is no reasoning with it. There's only one piece of advice left to give...   RUN!!!


There is no confirmed treatment for treasure rage as many of the gold dragons have died during The Draconic War and this curse isn't known amongst many. However, there might be a way to lessen the effect or relieve the Birgor from this condition.


Legends say that, after Luna vanished, Birgor went to investigate her disappearance. He ended up near Castle Dathria where the whispers of Harisa were most powerful.   Upon entering the castle, he found piles of treasures. Many of the rooms he searched had a hoard. Some had paintings, other scuptures, or magic items, there was a bit of everything. Overwhelmed by the treasure, he left the castle quickly. It was not in his nature to take treasures for himself as a gold dragon.   The next few years after his visit to the castle seem to go as normal. However, one day after waging battle, he stumbled upon a painting on the way to his lair. Out of nowhere, his mind filled with anger and rage. His golden eyes turned emerald; he was definitely not himself...
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