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The Keepers Order

The swamps around Hesli are known for their foggy and eerie nature at times. To avoid this common misconception, the people living in the wetlands do everything in their power to maintain it, making these regions more presentable. However, there are other thoughts behind this, as these people follow the Ways of the Keeper meticulously. They are all part of the same order, to ensure that the swamps are maintained for life.  
The Way of the Keeper is how we work. As part of The Keepers Order, we have a duty to fulfill to the world. If we do not, havoc shall run amok and the dead will turn restless.
— The Head of the Muddings Tribe

A grim sight

Everyone who has been to the marshlands has likely seen it: fog rolling in and covering the lands, ponds, and roots as far as the eye can see. The mist appears every night and brings a shiver down many spines. However, during every full moon, it is advisable not to be in these lands.   As the fog rolls in, the swamp bathes in the light of the full moon. In these conditions, it is clearly visible. Among the fog, one can detects shims of all kinds: dwarfs, elves, humans, gnomes. Even unknown species sometimes wander among these ghosts. They all wander through the wetlands in search of... something. The ghostlike figures sometimes take the form of an animal, travelling alone, or with their owner if it used to be a pet. These shims all go in the same direction and follow one another through the marsh, their way lightened by the eerie reflection of the moon.  

Service to the Dead

Since time immemorial, the Keepers have known nothing else than being tasked with taking care of the swamp where the reside. The old texts refer to this task as being sacred, and therefore they must be part of the order to execute it. Once part of the order, they gain the understanding of the importance of their task. That feeling of pride and duty to the wetland is what drives these Keepers to continuing their work.   People encountering these Keepers often have trouble understanding what it is that draws these elves and gnomes towards this intensive task. Therefore, the head of the Keepers Order has prepared a scroll that every Keeper learns by heart in order to explain to these travellers what it is they do and why.  
We, the Keepers of the Swamp, have sworn since time immemorial to perform the task of maintaining these wetlands. This task has been given to us by the old god Heleionis. Upon our arrival in this world, we have been told to keep the path clean for those who depart to the next realm. Therefore, as Keepers, we must maintain the swamps, to ensure the path is always clear when the full moon is upon us.
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