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Rite of Companionship

Becoming part of the society is an important milestone for all children. That is especially true for Barions kids. They have to prove their capability to join the ranks of the young adults and start their first tasks towards helping their village survive.  

The Rite

Every year on the last and first day of the year, the Rite of Companionship takes place in every Barion village. All the kids that are at least 12 years old and who have finished their primary education, take part in the rite. With every rite, they are giving the same task that they have to fulfill during the two days of the event. The adults, but especially the village head, watch the group closely. Primarily to judge them, but secondly to make sure they do not fall into any danger. The Kala region isn't friendly and the participants are still children after all.  

Comradery, Companionship, Collaboration

During their education, the children learn about the world, but also what life on the Kala is like for the Barion. The importance of gathering wood, caring for the animals, helping one another with the every day tasks. Comradery, companionship, and collaboration are key pillars to Barion society, otherwise they wouldn't survive the cold and harsh environment. The adults created the rite to show the children what it means to be Barion and what it takes to survive life on Kala.  

The Tasks

The end goal of the tasks and rite is simple: survive the Kala by means you have learned in school. The group gets a small pack of young Hunting Snowfox, who essentially come of age with the rite also. The children appoint roles to each other, some step up to the plate as a potential leader guiding the rest towards a successful rite.  

Resource Gathering

One of the most important tasks to survive the Kala is to gather resources, primarily something like wood or coal to keep the houses heated and to cook food. Venturing into the woods and making an encampment isn't a realistic challenge for the rite. The adults have chopped up wood beforehand and placed them a bit outside the village, and stacked them up to look like a tree. It is up to the children to find the stack of wood and bring it back to camp. It shows their resourcefulness and knowledge on how to navigate the snowy planes.  

Hunting Snowfoxes

The Hunting Snowfox is a dear member of Barion society. As tough as they need command, they also need care for when they're not on the hunt. It is up to the children to make sure the snowfoxes go on a hunt for one day, and take care of them the next. As these snowfoxes are very young, the adult have made it easier on them too. With help of an adult snowfox, a few wounded prey have been scattered around the village, testing the young foxes' hunting abilities.  


On the last day, when the sun has set, it is time for the verdict. The village head and a few adults come together to decide which child passes the rite and which one could do with a few more years in school. Rarely does a child not pass, as they all learn from such a young age that life out here in tough and they need each other to survive.
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I love that this rite focuses on cooperation and comrades. Most harsh places usually are depicted where everyone watches out for just themselves. And it ties in nicely with the snow foxes!   What I am wondering how is the passing celebrated? It would seem a bit cruel to send them on this journey and then not celebrate!

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Exactly, and I want to break that stereotype a little. It's better to work together, imho.   I haven't gotten yet to the celebration part, but they'll surely celebrate! It's important to give everyone a reward, regardless of their performance. That's definitely something to think about for expanding this post, maybe even in a separate article. :D

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