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Defiant of their cousins and wanting to do things their way, some high elfs have left Yurin long ago to find another place where they can be free of the ludacris caused by their brethren. Now scattered throughout Eshil, these elves enjoy their freedom but still with a strong dislike for water.  
Those snobby Eilmari, it disgusts me. They think they can dictate how we're supposed to live, but no one gave them the power to do so. They even threw away our faith!
— A Quani high elf

Separation and Connection

Millenia ago, the brutal civil war between the High Elves and Wood Elves of Yurin ripped the high elf community apart. There were those that supported the war, and those that were appalled by it. After the dust of war had settled down once more, a strong voice of opposition rose from the community. The high elves that were against the war let it be known, lashing out at the community leaders and even the people itself for going along with it like sheep.   Naturally, their loud opinion was met with much resistance and backlash. It let to the point where the elves stood their ground, even going as far as moving away beyond the borders where they could live in peace and without the unnecessary scrutiny of their bretheren. They support interspecie relationships and offspring to the absolute horror of the Eilmari, who prefer their blood remain pure and not polluted by humans or, god forbid, dwarfs.   The older generation still detests the Eilmari for the pain they have caused to their families. The younger generation is more forgiving. They believe that the young Eilmari are not to blame for the actions of their ancestors. Still, they will make their voice heard when encountering an older Eilmari who critisises their way of living.
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