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The last known reminder of the former Grilashi Empire manifests itself in the remainder of its gnomes residing in Eshil. These gnomes, who call themselves The Nenn, still adhere to the core values taught by their superiors. While they are no longer part of the larger whole, they desperately cling onto the old ways.  
Sharing is everything and everything we share.
— Main motto found in every Nenn's home

Shared Possessions

Within the Nenn society, there is no sense of possessions. Everyone shares. Homes are the only thing excluded from this principle. However, homes are still very minimal as it only contains a bathroom and bedrooms. Sometimes, a larger home has a living room, but that is only for the gnomes higher up in the society. Without an in-house kitchen, it is common to eat in the dining hall where the whole community sits down for a bite.   Because the Nenn share everything, there is no sense of paycheck for the services they provide. The service is free for community members. Nenn from outside the specific community may have to pay for it, but it's often handled by the local higher ups. Travellers and adventurers will have to pay for the services, but this money doesn't go to the provider. Instead, it gets deposited into the shared community bank.   The community bank will desperse the money equally to every Nenn's bank account. They can only remove the money with an approval slip from their local government to prove that they have a legitimate reason to use it. One part of the money will go to the community account, which allows them to fund projects for society.  

Fear of Technology

The Nenn are known for not being focused at all on technical advancement and innovation. It even goes so far, that it has instilled a fear in the gnomes.   Being originally a branch from the Gwenash, which has a predominent focus on technology, the first members of The Nenn know how harsh society responds to gnomes without technological affinity. When they defected and became part of the Grilashi Empire, they made sure to teach their people what the Gwenash do to those that don't pursuit technological advancement and innovation.   These days, technology is seen as a form of oppression enforced upon all gnomes by the Gwenash. Therefore, the Nenn only focus on tech that they already acquired to solve specific problems. They replace what is needed, but that is as far as technology goes. If any gnome in Nenn society is caught spending too much time tinkering, they are considered corrupted by their society.

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Cool article! How would someone be of a higher status if not through the typical money/posessions? Would there be royal blood? Prestigious professions?

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