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Master Tinkerer

Long ago, in ancient times, old tales tell of a masterful gnome who invented much of the technology used today in common society. They used to spend days, years even, in their workshop to push technological advancement forward even more. Rightfully so, they earned the title Master Tinkerer and became so influencial that they brought forward a movement that is still alive today.  
Gears and sprockets to technology are food and water to me.
— Text from the Holy Manual written by the Master Tinkerer

From Gnome to God

There are few scripts that describe the Master Tinkerer in its normal life as a gnome, but they all say the same. They detail how the Master Tinkerer was a normal gnome with that extra knack and affinity for technological innovation. They had this unique ability to think far outside the box and combine things together to create something new and astonishing.   A few years after their passing, a group of gnomes stumbled upon the Holy Manual. It was written by the Master Tinkerer and it described their way of working in detail accompanied with inspirational quotes. After reading it through, the gnomes wanted to follow the instructions and thus the Gnireknit was born.   At first, followers revered the Master Tinkerer, setting up altars and temples to give their offerings and hold ceremonies. Over time, they learned that the Master Tinkerer never would have wanted to be revered like that, and they switched to adopting the philosophy instead.  
No one deserves to be worshipped. Follow their actions instead.
— Text from the Holy Manual
Table of Contents
Current Status
Forever Tinkering

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