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Residing in and surrounding the mountains of Eshil are the Mandri. These dwarfs have travelled all the way from Vallahir for a new beginning and stumbled upon the beautiful round mountains of Greze Urngorr first. From there, they spread throughout Illtresi and are now living either in the mountain ranges or in the villages and cities scattered across the country.  
For the best blacksmiths, you'll want to look for a dwarf of the Mandri clan. They have a true knack for making and bending metal to their will.
— The Tales of the Lost Traveller

Travelling to Freedom

The Mandri clan has a rich history filled with treks and conflict. In the early years, they lived a peaceful life in the mountains and luscious greens of what's now known as the Plymbalt Rise. However, as the Rise of the Empire took place, they became part of the Irrean clan.   Fed up by the way they were treated and longing for freedom once more, the clan packed all the necessary belongings and made their way out of Vallahir. They travelled for many years, settled down for equally as many, and fought many battles of people trying to conquer their village.   Eventually, they stumbled upon the mountains of Greze Urngorr and made it their home. To their surprise, the people surrounding the mountains were incredibly friendly to the dwarfs. In return, the Mandri dwarfs offered their blacksmithing services and they supplied the towns and cities with the riches of the mountains.
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