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(a.k.a. The Creator)

Ljef is the Deity of Life and therefore the main deity of the Pillar of Life. His primary tasks are to manage the living and providing the world with plenty folks, animals, and plants to create a healthy population.


According to the high priests of the Pillar of Life, multiple artifacts of Ljef are safely stored across several temples. However, the two most prominent pieces are on display in the Temple of Life and the House of Regin.  

Cloak of the Wild

Safely guarded by the Guardians of Ljef at the Temple of Life is the Cloak of the Wild. It is believed that Ljef himself wore this cloak when he was still roaming the world freely. It is made from the hide of an animal unknown to scholars. However, they have confirmed that the cloak has magical properties. Unfortunately, the high priests did not want the research to continue. Therefore, to this day, it is unknown what these magical properties are.  

Pendant of the Living

Behind bars of the finest steel in the House of Regin lays the Pendant of the Living. Stories around this pendant claim that Ljef had this pendant made to create new life. Many people are interested to see what they can do with it, but the high priests and the Guardians of Regin won't let anyone near as they deem it too dangerous to fall into the hands of the common folk.


The most primary holiday surrounding Ljef is The Day of Life. Colloquially, it is also referred to as The Day of Ljef. During this day, dwarfs all around the world celebrate their creation and their first steps into the world. These celebrations are important and therefore it is also a day off for every dwarf. The monasteries organise immense festivals to accomodate all the dwarfs who flock to the holy grounds. During the celebrations, the high priest tells one story for everyone to hear. For the dwarfs, it never gets old.  
In ye olden days, the void hath taken over and all was in darkn'ss. It was Ljef in that time, who walked the dark and grim paths of our world and he decided to bright'n it with life! He was one of four who would become the creator of our planet as we know today. It was him who carved the first of our kind from the mountains. It was him who created the animals and plants we see, use, and eat today. It was him who brought medicine and healing to our people, so we could tend to our wounded. Let us all hail our creator, for today it is the day of Ljef!
— High Priest of the Pillar of Life
Table of Contents
Pillar of Life
Divine Classification
Deity of Life
Mellow emerald
Short spiky hair with a long beard coloured like tree bark
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Leafy green with brown freckles
1.40m (4'7")

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Character Portrait image: Ljef with his trusty pal Grano by Sh4d0wPh03n1x


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Dec 3, 2021 09:11

Very cool, and a fun holiday!   What is his interactions with the world of mortals today? Is he even real? :O

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Dec 3, 2021 09:43

Thank you! :D   No one has seen Ljef in the past thousands of years. Who knows if he is real, or if he's hidden in disguise and walks among the mortals. ;)

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Dec 6, 2021 18:40 by Chi

I would love to know if the high priests and the Guardians of Regin are hesitant to lend out the Pendant of the Living from lessons learned or if they have any more knowledge about it's powers?

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That is only for the priests to know ;)   And something I'll have to figure out at some point.. Thank you for the suggestion! <3

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Great article Shadow!   Is this a dwarves only diety or can other species also follow him?

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The dwarfs think it's only their deity, just as the high elves think that theirs is better. But who knows, maybe they're the same person ^^

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Jan 30, 2022 22:03

I like the plot bunny of the high priests deliberateyly suppressing what the artifacts do. Maybe they found out something they don't want the common people to know.