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With many thanks to FirelDakuraito for inciting a friendly competition to prevent me from becoming a waffle for AmélieIS! (I lost unfortunately xD) These fellow writers have helped me with some of the details regarding the Lilieon, so be sure to check out their worlds too! Theiket, nnie, Rumengol, TheDoctor292, and Mochi. Thank you guys so much, it was super fun to write this one. <3
Roaming the plains of <iforgotthename> is a large animal named the Lileon, but the wood elves call it a Theion. It is catlike, but much larger than average as it has a shaft height of roughly 1.5m and an average length from head to butt of 2.5m. However, the most prominent feature of this hunter is a most unique one that you would not associate with the animal. It can talk.  
Dis smoll critter be delish!
— A Lileon
  The colours of the Lileon seem most illogical when people see the cat for the first time. It's hulking frame is covered in fur, overall green with grey stripes. The manes are bright purple with the tailend showing a beautiful sapphire blue finish. However, on the planes of <iforgotthename>, it is the perfect combination to catch prey. The Theion's favourite prey, the cronassus, cannot see the colour green. Therefore, the Lileon can blend in perfectly with its surroundings. The purple manes have the same colour as the favourite snacks of the cronassus. They voluntarily walk up to the prowling hunter. The moment they are close enough, the hunter let out a roar and jumps at his prey.   Some wood elves have encountered these intriguing animals when roaming the same plains for food. It comes as no surprise, that they were utterly shocked when they learned that these cats could talk. Living for up to 150 years, the Theions bear much wisdom. They are friendly by nature, giving away their advise for free. They were the ones that tried to help out the wood elves, giving them a suitable place to set up camp which eventually evolved into a big city.   Within wood elf society, the Theions are revered as saviors. If a wood elf comes across the lion, they ought to pay it respect. Every year, they hold the Theion Festival fully dedicated to the animals that helped them in their times of need.   While most wood elfs live within the city, a small group have deflected and decided to live with a group of Lileons. Together, they roam the endless plains and protect each other. Their children grow up with the cubs. They learn the Lileon's native tongue so they can communicate even better. But, Theions are incredibly intelligent, capable of learning many languages. Aside from the wood elves, they also like to talk with the Tartoise. They share many stories and words of wisdom, learning from one another. It was actually the Lileon that taught the Tartoise to speak!  
It is Li-le-on.
No, Li-le-on.
Job great, tartar!
— A Lileon teacher a tartoise its name
  Beside the wood elf, a few weary travellers have come across this amazing specie. Naturally shocked at first, many understand that the Theions mean no harm. While they usually don't accept gifts, they don't shy away from taking a bite of fresh meat or fish handed over by these travellers. There are a few cases where a Lileon travels with a group of adventurers, thirsty to see something else than just the plains.   So, if you even happen to come across a very colourful looking lion, don't be afraid to say hi and give it a slab of meat. They are excellent conversationalists and will keep your mind enchanted with the stories they can tell. Besides, who doesn't love a talking lion?  
Dis true, my friend. I is friendly and mean no harm.
— A Theion
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This is a fun lion :D Did they just decide not to eat anything that can talk back at them?

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Not really :P Tartoises are the only animals... so far that are able to talk and their shell is a wee bit too hard for a lileon to bite through. ^^

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