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Kala Wild Game

Kala Wild Game, a highly sought after item by people all over Hesli. This product is only available in the Kala region at Barion villages. The only way to get your hands on some wild game is either to travel north or spent an enormous amount of money at mad merchants who did the travel themselves.   Animals
There are multiple animal produce part of the Kala Wild Game products. They come primarily from the following critters:
  • Kala Hares
  • Kala Pigeons
  • Kala Seals
To catch these fast and nimble creatures, you'll have to be light on your feet and highly agile. However, with the extreme colds that rages through the Kala reason, no one has ever been able to hunt them properly. That was until the Barions tamed the Hunting Snowfox. Now, the snowfoxes perform the hunt with which they feed the Barion community and themselves.   Products
From each animal, the Barions are able to extract multiple products for the trade.   Hides
Each animal provides a hide to make clothes with or small accessories with the leftover bits. Each hide has its own purpose:
  • Kala Hare Hide: A furry hide that provides warmth to the wearer.
  • Kala Pigeon Feathers: Feathers that stabilises anything, from arrows to harpoons.
  • Kala Seal Hide: A smooth, thick hide that is water resistant.
Combining hides allows the wearer to have multiple enchantments. Hare and Seal hide are often combined to create a warm yet waterproof clothing, perfect for surviving the colds of Kala and mountain tops.   Meat
Each animal also provides meat that can be prepared in multiple ways. They can be grilled, smoked, or roasted over an open fire. Some cuts can even be eaten raw. However, nothing beats a true Barosh, the classic Barion wild game stew.   All the meat cuts provide a magical property to the consumer. It can vary from healing, resistance, and stat boosting. Therefore, if you are to buy some wild game, choose your cut wisely!
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