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Holy Manual

At the heart of Gnireknit stands the Holy Manual. This book represents the soul of thinking of the Master Tinkerer and explains how to go about life as a gnome. They documented their way of working and sources of inspiration, and bundled it together into one masterpiece.  
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm possible!"
— Text from the Holy Manual, quoted from Audrey Hepburn


While most people say that the Holy Manual contains the spirit of gnomes, others will argue that it is the legacy of the Master Tinkerer. Following its contents and learning from it is essentially peeking inside the brain of the legendary inventor.   It primarily contains ways of working. It goes through detailed steps of how you can combine certain types of technologies to create something new. The book also mentions which types of tech one can and cannot combine to avoid accidents and injuries. Even though technology has evolved much ever since the creation, the book has managed to stay relevant, since it teaches a way of thinking.   The book also full of drawings that forms the basis of present day technology. Most of said technology has been developed upon the inventions mentioned in this manual. However, most copies of the manual these days do not contain the drawing any longer, since the gnomes following Gnireknit are only interested in the written wisdom.
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